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'18 March
Home for a couple of weeks between trips.
'18 February
Hola! I'm leaving mid-month for (click for the story...)
Three fabulous weeks in Puebla, Mexico!
'18 January

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March 19

SO many pictures! You can click here though, if you're up for SO many pictures of
Mission San Juan Capistrano.

March 18

Ingalill and I took the train to San Juan Capistrano for our traditional photo-photo outing.

We arrived in plenty of time, got our ticket from a person who wrote the track number on the ticket, we went to said track number and waited with a fellow traveler while the signboard continued to flash the arrival of our train - but no train arrived.

Finally we went back to the ticket counter and found the same woman who sold us the tickets. OOOPS, she had given us the wrong track and the wrong track still thought it was the right track. Confusion all around.

In the end we had to wait an hour and a half and they comped us our fare both ways and we were satisfied to spend the time in the remarkable Union Station.

I have a truck-load more pictures but I have to go to sleep now!

March 17

I went with Muriel for the walk up to Inspiration Point at Will Rogers State Park.

It was a perfect day for the walk up there because it was cool and bright. It's too hot a lot of the year so I was especially happy that we got to do it today.

Hi Muriel!

And here's Muriel as she greets the last dog to pass. She greeted every dog that passed as is her custom. Muriel is thinking about getting another dog. She did have a dog in LA but he passed before I had a chance meet to him.

A crazy tree along the route. It was such a beautiful day! Then we ate pizza. A lot of delicious wild mushroom pizza. YUM!
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