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'16 October
'16 September
The coming-together of the house (I hope!).
'16 August
Deep into summer fun.
'16 July
Let's see some progress around here!
'16 late May-some June
'16 March
Getting ready for a big travel spring and the start of Home Improvement season.
'16 February
Home all month with mostly just this and that.
'16 January
Happy New Year! No travel plans settled yet except Sharon's generous invitation to visit Kauai in April. That's my goal for January - to work out 2016!

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October 23

Option One.

Option Two. Right now I'm leaning toward Option Two.

October 22

The big extravaganza of the last few days. They're h.e.r.e!

I'm planning to put in the cool hinges on the doors. They'll be fake, just for looks, which is cool to have the modern soft close with the more historic reveal on the hinges.

No knobs or pulls or sink or refrigerator...

...or stove or range hood or shelves. But drawers with paper pulls where I can Put Things!

I got back from New Orleans a few days ago after an amazing glut-fest!

Here it is: New Orleans!

October 8

Lona had her cataract surgery and hence the raccoon eye, but all is well...

...and always something is happening out their window. You can't see the pelican but he's there getting ready for another dive.

Their place is on a corner of the building and they've got SUCH a view in every direction. It's hypnotizing to just stand at the window and be entertained.

I had a nice morning visit with Muriel - we sat on her stoop and drank a coffee and caught up with our stories. I am very successfully avoiding work.

October 7

Sharon and I went walking super early this morning, like at dawn...around 8:30. We had our snack at a completely new place and it was fun.

Then I met Bonnie for another meal and a leisurely visit since she's cut back on her hours and didn't feel particularly pressed. Good job Bonnie!

October 6

Happy Birthday Susie! We went for lunch at Rice, the Manhattan Beach vegetarian sushi place that Kaitlin chose for her birthday. Susie was Happy!

Then we took a stroll to the new Manhattan Beach library. Career librarian Susie was Happy again so YAY.

And for the final segment of our Happy Birthday day we walked out to the end of the Manhattan Beach pier to enjoy the small aquarium in the old Roundhouse building.

October 5

Lilly sporting the world's straightest part in the whole long history of parts.

October 4

Done! except for washing down the walls, and maybe closing up a few cracks, and figuring out about a towel rack and rugs. But basically Done.

October 3

Look what Alex is doing to my bathroom - making it NEW again!

October 2, Afternoon

Marija is getting a brand new grandbaby and here's the shower for Baby Elliott, soon to be born son of Andrew and Christina.

Remember Christina? She's the young woman whose family is from Manila and when I was in the Philippians lucky me Christina was there too and she and her Auntie took me around for a perfect day.

Melinda-daughter of Marija and sister of Andrew, and Melissa-daughter of Ljubica and cousin of Andrew.

Some of the guests...

...enjoying the opening of gifts.
Hi sweetie!

So funny! Christina is holding one of the gifts which she opened to great hilarity because Andrew always wears those kinds of shirts...and when he came at the end of the party, VOILA.

The Happy Grandmas.

Congratulations and HURRAY Andrew and Christina!

September 2, Morning

Lill came by in the morning. We ate bagels and scallion cream cheese sitting on these chairs.

I didn't say anything I just asked Lill what she thought and she said all the things that I've been thinking. 1) the chairs are pretty comfortable actually 2) the table is too high by an inch or two and 3) too bad the arms on the chairs aren't a little bit higher.

We were going to walk around UCLA and take some pictures. So too bad for Lill, she forgot to change her lens and had only a macro, so we got done pretty fast since she couldn't take any pictures and the Fowler wasn't open until noon.

But we enjoyed ourselves anyway because why not.

The always splendid Royce Hall.

The waffle.

These kids are in a business development class and this was a team building exercise.

The group creates a support bridge for each person, one by one, to go straight down from their feet to reach out as far as they can and touch the ground.
The always photogenic...

...Serra sculpture. I'm a fan.

It was a delightful fall day...

...and here are those guys in close-up because they're so cute.

So many strolling opportunities at UCLA.

Bruins in the making.
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