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'18 Dec: Guadalajara Area
Mostly with Michi in Chapala.
'18 Feb: Puebla City, Mexico
Six hours a day five days a week for three weeks: Spanish Class, total elapsed time 9am-4:30pm. Then excursions, parties, homework. Yikes is right.
'18 Mar: Puebla City Excursions
1) HoHo City Tour on the Turibus.
2) Monarch Migration and surrounding area

'13 Apr: The Dominican Republic
Mostly Santo Domingo with a swing by Boca Chica during a first visit in a long time to a Caribbean island.
'13 Apr: Cuba - Havana
Big Old American Cars and so much more.
'13 Apr: Cuba - the Countryside
Visiting Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Playa de Guanabo, and Viñales, and dancing salsa with fine Cuban gentlemen.
'13 May: Cuba - whooo Big Old American Cars
Name That Car!
'07 Sep: GUANAJUATO, México
The first week of classes, the Alhóndiga de Granaditas, Pipila, and a SpecTacular 28 Septembre Independence Day Parade.
'07 Sep: a Second Week in Guanajuato
Don't miss Me and Mr Salsa himself, the Cervantino Festival, the Museo de las Momias and the Diego Rivera Museum.
'07 Oct: PÁTZCUARO in Michoacán, México
Dia de La Raza, CELEP, Restaurant Cha Cha Cha, Churches, Plaza Grande and Plaza Chica, more around lovely Pátzcuaro.
'07 Oct: a Second Week in Pátzcuaro
Janitzio, which means 'where it rains', Tzintzuntzan, Santa Fe de La Laguna, Santa Clara, Gringo Gultch, and Ice Cream.
'04 Jan: Baja Coastal and Inland
Last update: Mar 3 2004.
'03 Mar: Yucatan
Leigh and me and the ancient Mayans with a quick stop in Mexico City.

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December 10

Michi's home for two months in Chapala, one of four units in this fabulous building.

She's got the lower floor, two bedrooms, a big bathroom with a fantastic shower, and all the rest including three patios to enjoy.

Chapala is a small town on the banks of Lake Chapala, the largest lake in Mexico.

Early in the morning it is quiet and peaceful along the boardwalk here whereas on weekend from the afternoon on it's a madhouse.

We walked a mile or so to this one-day-a-week market with blocks and blocks of stalls selling everything a household would need. No handcrafts though.

And you can't see the ground very well but it is made of large rocks and dirt. A person could use some hiking books when shopping here.

We took the bus several towns north along the coast of the lake, to Ajijic...

...and the Lake Chapala Society, the Lake Chapala Gringo Gulch. In this town it is not necessary at all to speak Spanish. Every shopkeeper, restaurant worker, everyone around town speaks English, and it's a little odd.

This is Michi's ukulele group that practices in the restaurant next door. This week they had an open mic for performances.

Here's Michi playing and singing so wonderfully to the acclaim of all.

Back in Chapala...

...and a pier off the boardwalk.

It's much more local here where Spanish is the first language but here too you can get along perfectly speaking only English.

Foto Foto!

Sunset across the lake.

December 9, 2018

I came in to Guadalajara on the late side and went right to bed but not before admiring the lovely Hotel Morales in the heart of the Centro Histórico. I would gladly stay here again.

I have most of the day, until 2, for a walk-about in Guadalajara Centro Histórico.

The hotel had some decorations up and these are around but I was expecting a major holiday extravaganza which has not materialized yet.

It was a Sunday morning and at least half the streets in Centro were shut down for pedestrians. "The ‘Vía RecreActiva’ is a free zone for pedestrians, bikers, skaters, and anyone who wants to take over the streets."

They started in 2004 with 11 kilometers and by 2014 they were up to 25.
Guadalajara Cathedral
I put this in black and white by accident and then I couldn't let it go.

At the Plaza de Armas, in the heart of the historic downtown.

More, including the Guadalajara Cathedral.

Palacio Municipal de Guadalajara, City Hall, also on the Plaza de Armas.

Here's a giant manger scene with a huge elephant and a camel and a sheep and a donkey all the same size.

The Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres honoring the memory of the people of Jalisco.

I googled every which way and couldn't find this guy. Anyone know his story?

You can climb up onto the top of this head and here's the view.

There's plenty of chaos around this tram construction.

It was Sunday and I went into so many churches but services were always on so I didn't take pictures. I guess this was late in the afternoon.

This is the image of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe​ also known as the Virgin of Guadalupe, other names for the Blessed Virgin Mary and the most important religious symbol in Mexico. Her big day is Wednesday so I'm excited to see how that looks.

Shopping! Another place where you call out your requests for fruit and veg and the ladies choose and bag it up for you.

Hands, another one I can't find. I need to stop being so lazy about identifications while I'm taking the picture.

Ingalill, for YOU! Do square ones count?

Oh my goodness, I'm mixed up between the Governor's Palace and the Municipal Palace and I can't tell from the pictures. More research required!

The Palacio de Gobierno. I peeked through the gates and then I decided, heck...

...let me see if I can get in. So I convinced the guards to let the woman come in with me so I could see...

a mural by José Clemente Orozco, "“The People and Its Leaders” mural is found above the main staircase and depicts the revolutionary leader wielding a flaming torch to ignite the independence movement."

Teatro Degollado, inaugurated in 1866.

Another view looking toward the Cathedral.

She's good.
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