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'19 June
A few overnighters on the calendar already. Is there some thing about 72? Since that's my age this month...
'19 May
Back from the land of aloha and looking forward to a nice long weekend at The Ranch.

April in Kauai
'19 March
My tooth and etc...
'19 February
Soo much rain...happy happy lawn.
'19 February XANDER!
Xander is 17!
'19 January
Yikes! 2019. Next year is 2020. What?

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June 19

Hail hail! Here's the connection: my friend Marsha's daughter Kelly's college roommate, the roommate's family including brother, husband, two kids, and mother-in-law, the roommate's husband's sister and her family, and also Kelly's current roommate.

Here are all their names: Crystal, Renee, Mike, Bryan, Sharon, Wai, Marsha::Connor, William, Tyler, Lorelai, Kelly, Kris

More soon!

From Cynthia "I told Kai how old you are.." I KNOW!

Santa Barbara Nancy always finds me a fancy new flying pig for my birthday. It's true, I might not remember if she kept sending the same one year after year. It's always a fresh new pleasure!

June 18

These two selfies, this one and the one below, are on my new phone that has a setting whereby it will take a picture itself when it finds that everyone is smiling. Crazy, right?!

I got to have a Happy Birthday dinner with the girls tonight, thank you all, and it was FUN.

When Christa held the camera her head still looks would be cool if I could figure out this selfie technology..

Kaitlin, Oliver, Angela, Lilly, me

June 17

Christa, Lona, me, Windy. 25, 77, 72, 68. We sisters are getting on alright, and Still cute. Christa and I like to be together in June since we share a birthday. Happy Birthday sweetie!

June 15

Lilly's dance recital, always a delight. And since this was the day before Father's Day we had a lovely Congratulations Lilly and Happy Father's Day Darryl and Gary dinner complements of D&A.

Basically these days or rather these years all these festivities are complements of D&A. Lucky dog me.

June 12-14

We're back!

Hesperia, the high desert. That's our plot and that's our view of a snow-capped peak.

I got riled up over that big shed in the background, on our neighbor's property that wasn't there two years ago when we visited last. There oughta be a law..

The actual size isn't evident by these pictures because of the upward slope and then the downward slope to the fence, but it's a tick over an acre.

And our cool tree. We're going to be selling this place - we've been holding on to it for sentimental reasons, a legacy from our parents, but it's been a pretty sad investment sitting there as it has for sixty years.

After our visit to Hesperia we drove on to Joshua Tree, went into the park in the evening, spent the night, and drove through the park the next day.

You can click here for pictures from Joshua Tree National Park.

After leaving the park we went on to Riverside and The Mission Inn. It's a big historic property added on to for thirty years all the new wings in different styles.


Welcome to the Mission Inn!

We took a tour of the Mission Inn that was informative, and long. Here's a stained glass window at one of our stops.

Old Town Riverside has a great architectural history, it's a history lesson just walking around. I'm going to list here the dates and styles of some of the buildings all within these few blocks:

Mission Inn 1902-1932 built in many styles over the years and on the National Register of Historic Places.
Old City Hall 1924 Spanish Renaissance Revival.
Riverside Metropolitan Museum 1912 Italian Renaissance.
First Congregational Church 1913 Spanish Renaissance Revival.
Universalist Unitarian Church 1891 Gothic Revival.
First Church of Christ Science 1901 Mission Revival.
Riverside Art Museum 1929 Beaux-Arts.
Union Pacific Railroad Depot 1904 Mission Revival.

And many more in the same vein. We loved it.

June 11

Kaitlin and I went to the pier while Lilly was in her dance class. I've had my new camera for exactly one year now and I just today realized that if I touch the screen in a certain mode it changes the focus to the place I touched, which is why all the pictures in this series are out of focus.

I could see the little square in the wrong place. What? Why? ok, well, now I know. A problem explained. That's good even if it is a year late.

The kids got a new bubble machine because Oliver likes bubbles. But as it turns out he's not up for this tornado of bubbles. We all loved it.

Kaitlin likes this picture!

Kaitlin does not like this one as much and after she looks at it I might have to take it out. Let's see.

Wow, this was fun.


..the dance.

June 10

That's my house. The yellow flowers next door were announcing themselves so nicely when I got back from Monday night potluck In The Dark.

June 9

Happy Birthday David! Jo Ann put together a fine festivity and everyone was so happy to be there.

Carol, Judith, Stephen, Jo Ann, David, Peter, Nancy.

Cake. Yum.

June 8

Cynthia! As well as her Accountant job that she likes a lot, Cynthia is running a wonderful Airbnb from her condo in St Paul. All her guests really really love the place and rate her a super-super-excellent host.

You can click here and see Cynthia's Airbnb.

She made it all possible with her remodel including moving walls and doors and creating a kitchen that makes her guests sigh with pleasure. WOW is right!

Kathleen is going to Cuba on Wednesday! She isn't traveling on a cruise and got in under the wire. I'm so glad for her.

These hula girls have nothing to do with Cuba of course, but they're great and part of Kathleen's many-faceted collections.

Marsha and Becky's Angeles Choral had a great performance here tonight. Big music, live and close-up, it was a very fine evening indeed.

June 7

Today's excitement revolved around landlording, excitement that rises up from time to time to snag my breath and my attention and remind me of Work.

This is the little stand-alone cottage. All done, the faucet doesn't drip and the bathroom sink is snaked. I could show you the nest of hair the plumber pulled from the drain but then this website would lose its 'G' rating.

I was over at Marsha's yesterday where we cleared out two carloads of stuff from Tom's office, then we ate a delicious dinner and went walking. All good for me!

The donation center however would not take so many of the things we brought. They would only take things they felt confident they could sell easily. No one wants to throw things in the trash that have some life left in them. What to do what to do?

I've always got my eye out for friendly front yard landscaping.

June 6

Look what Cynthia sent "Kai Loves Grass!". And Wow, these two guys, Kai and Oliver have such similar coloring. What fun!

June 4-5

I didn't take any pictures with the girls on Tuesday so here's Oliver from his very own instagram page.

On Wednesday I went to the dentist for a cleaning and I can say without equivocation that the surgery area is feeling better. I had wondered if I'd ever say that.

Then I had an early dinner with Muriel who is leaving in a few days for a trip to the UK. Bon Voyage Muriel, ENJOY!

June 3

Sharon and I went walking at the Pepperdine track and it was like walking through a cloud and we came out damp but not dripping. Then we ate happily at The Reel Inn and all was well. We were rather pleased with ourselves for not punking out.

This was on Saturday I think. Today was Monday Potluck and I ate a very healthy serving of so many dishes. YUM. Thanks ladies. Notice the theme of eating tasty food?

Ooow, I'm going to write here.. I've developed a serious case of dropsy and I can't do the dishes at other people's houses for a while. Twice now, in a row, I've broken someone else's dish/glass/etc. and I feel so bad and sad and mad at myself. Much as I like to tidy up I'm going to have to give dishes a pass.


June 2

Mother's Day redux! Mani-Pedi, lunch, shopping, Oh yeah.

Gary and Liz and sweet Oliver the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

June 1

Pictures from the Hawaii Browns, Lona and Hartley's son and daughter-in-law Trevor and Beth, and the grandkids Christa-Caleb-Charis.

Big Doings this weekend. Charis graduated, as did her siblings earlier, from Brown Family Academy (congratulations BETH who home schooled them all the way through high school).


Christa and Charis, sisters for sure.


Charis and Caleb and some of the leis showered upon Charis.

Trevor Beth Christa Caleb Charis Janis
This is how they do it in Hawaii! A few more guests and Charis wouldn't be able to see!! YAY Charis who is moving on to Liberty University, the same school attended by her siblings. You go girl!


And speaking of the siblings, Caleb graduated last month of this very year from Liberty however I failed to urge the sharing of photos.

BUT he's going on to Oxford for a two year graduate program. He's going to LONDON and I'm at least as excited as any of these Browns. I'll have a sweet young man to visit in London who already extended a welcome invitation. OH lucky ME.

Getting the wardrobe together. He has been living in Virginia for four years so it's not all board shorts and aloha shirts.


Here's the oldest sibling, Christa, entering her fourth year of medical school in Hawaii. What Fun! For me, maybe not every day for her, but she's hanging in there.

Big year for the Browns indeed. Now let's see what Beth is going to do!

Click HERE and all the pictures in this chapter will get big.


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