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'06 December
Christmas!!, New Years!!, PartyParty Party ON, Newport Condo Holiday, various Sick, Belagio, Long Beach Naples Holiday Lights, and More.
'06 November
Thanksgivings!, Guelaguetza, David, Kaitlin's shoes, Napa-Novato-Hearst Castle, California Heritage Museum, Disney Hall, and More.
'06 October
Santa Barbara, Halloween Gymboree, The Adventurers' Club, and More.
'06 September
Kaitlin's birthday season, Paola, A&C, Rupa, Hollywood Bowl, and More.
'06 August
Home Sweet Home!
'06 July
Kaitlin, cars, Valley Girls, some bon voyage lunches, and More.
'06 June
The Getty Center, SeaBee Days, La Pergola, dinos, soo much birthday miscellania, and More.
'06 May
Mother's Day, Ann's party, LACMA, Les Perelman, Kaitlin(!), the Zoo, and More.
'06 April
Family, Friends, and Squirrels, W, Garrison, Ashes and Snow, links to Day Trips, and More.
'06 from Mid March
Kaitlin of course, Marija, H&M, Lazos, raining, downtown, and More!
'06 February
Meghan's wedding, the Japanese Garden, kids and Kaitlin, Sandy's show, Liz&Gary, Yas(!), Phil&Michelle&Eloise, Amit, and More!
'06 January after Asia
Back from SE Asia for half the month and mostly just gathering my wits, and 88 and stil great!, and More.

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July 18

I'm leaving tomorrow morning at the very crack of dawn (assuming the power failure tonight at the airport will be a non-issue by then.)

So I just had to buzz over today for another hit of Kaitlin. I know, all your grandbabies are the cutest, but really, in this case...
Isn't life just a kick?!

'Hey Granny, I'm a-comin'.'
Santa Monica life
July 17

A beachside visitor who hangs out on the patio beams waiting to swoop down as soon as you leave your table. Mine!Mine!Mine! (my favorite line from that cartoon about the fish.)
Santa Monica life
Do we live in LA or what?! A view down Lincoln Blvd.
Santa Monica life
Helloo Hellooo! That's my 5k$ 2001 Daewoo station wagon reflected in his heart and soul.
Sandy Chaves self portrait
A quick catch at Sandy's art show. The party hadn't started yet and we were losing light fast. Too cute though.
Sandy Chaves
July 15

Sandy had another art show opening and it was a grand affair indeed. You can click here for Sandy's website at and get a nice taste of her work.

Josh Kelly Charlile Donald Nancy Donald
July 14

Charlieee! This is Charlie in his own house. Josh, Kelly, and Charlie were out here awhile ago and they, along with Nancy, put on a bbq festivo for Such a crowd. It was fab.

Today Nancy did another bbq and the food was OMG delicious. That good. Amazing. Some people just have the gourmet touch and Nancy is one of those people.

LACMA Nancy Artz David Hockney
July 13

At LACMA. This was quite an exhibit - a huge huge body of work. Sooo much work. They said in several of the information panels that he simply works All the time, which seemed obvious. This was just a sampling of his efforts, mostly portraits, and he does know everyone who's anyone in the art world.

It's totally worth a visit whether you're a fan or not. But then Nancy Artz shared her free tickets (thanks Nancy!) and free is almost always worth it.
A view from the plaza at LACMA looking over the La Brea Tar Pits.
July 12

This is my last Wednesday for Six Weeks! By the time I get back Kaitlin will be working on her science fair project.
Yummy yummy a little dins. Veggie dogs, noodles (the mac-and-cheese of Your youth), a few baked beans - Yum!

Let's Play!
You go girl. Put something different on the floor, or better put something on the floor that you have previously picked up as in the 'not a toy' category and in 1 flat second she'll be bee-lining in that very direction. It's a sixth sense.
Kaitlin just Loooves bath time.
Night night. Sleep tight. Have pleasant dreams!

She can operate the mobile herself and from the monitor upstairs often you'll hear the music come on and she'll make that lip buzzing song that just slays me. A Top 10 Hit, no doubt about it.
Brigitte Buytaert self portrait
July 10

Brigitte was the docent on Monday and led me on a tour around The Silver Strand, an area in Marina del Rey less than a mile from my mother and both my sisters and yet I had never been there.

We walked up and down the streets and gardens playing judge and jury to the taste of the locals. 'Nice house but that paint...what Were they thinking?!'
Mom and her dear friend Geri McCall. Geri is our safety net so that when one of the caretakers can't make it she'll fill in for which we all say Thank You and Huzzah!
my Valley Girls
My last Monday Night-er for probably more than 6 weeks. What a great turn-out and it wasn't a birthday or anything.

Wow, in a week I'll be winging my way to Cape Cod!
Jonathan Pomerantz Ben and Bonnie
July 8

Hey, it's Jonathan back from Korea and Phil, one of his buddies that I met while I was there (click here to Check Them Out!), and Ben and Bonnie, the Dad and the Mom.

Jonathan and Phil biked up and down Koreatown to pick a restaurant and then Jonathan treated us all to a Korean Feast. What a guy.

Playing around with Ben's new computer program and computer with a camera built in. Who could resist? (Upon re-examination of this photo I was thinking maybe I'd take it off, so as not to frighten the children.)
Marsha Van Valkenburg
July 7

What we have here is Tom and Marsha's desert tortoise chowing on the remains of the watermelon. The desert tortoise thrives out here in the San Fernando Valley since the temperature during the summer months is mostly 100 degrees and relief does not come until midnight.
Nancy Donald Mori Sushi Santa Monica life
July 6

Mori Sushi. Sigh. And Nancy treated! *Sigh* What Zagat says and it is 100% true:

"Indulge in the transcendental omakase at this sublime West LA Japanese and let perfectionist master chef Mori Onodera concoct an astounding array of fresh and delicate raw-fish creations, which he serves on ceramic plates he also makes; even in this minimalist setting, worshipers at the shrine of Mori-san (hes our hero") swear its worth the splurge to dine at one of the best sushi bars in the city."
July 5

Kaitlin! On the move!!
Cynthia Kaitlin
Angela took this adorable picture last weekend. Kaitlin and her Aunt Cynthia. What a couple'a beauties.

Santa Monica life fireworks
July 5

Something strange happened to the text here and the whole paragraph got gone. I wonder how that happened?!? I'm feeling too lazy to think it up again.
Zoey the Whytes
July 3

This doesn't look at all like Zoey. Not at All. There are times when any of us will not look like our pictures. That's my story.
Brian Whyte
What the boys do while the girls gather for Monday night potluck.
the Whytes self portrait
Ljubi was in the hospital for a couple of days and now she's out. We're waiting for test results but the current thinking is that 'a low salt diet' does NOT mean 'a no salt diet' Especially during the summer when the temperature in the valley hovers around 100 on a good day and higher when I happen to be there.
Santa Monica life
July 2

At Wilshire and 21st. Mighty dang cool.
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