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'06 December
Christmas!!, New Years!!, PartyParty Party ON, Newport Condo Holiday, various Sick, Belagio, Long Beach Naples Holiday Lights, and More.
'06 November
Thanksgivings!, Guelaguetza, David, Kaitlin's shoes, Napa-Novato-Hearst Castle, California Heritage Museum, Disney Hall, and More.
'06 October
Santa Barbara, Halloween Gymboree, The Adventurers' Club, and More.
'06 September
Kaitlin's birthday season, Paola, A&C, Rupa, Hollywood Bowl, and More.
'06 August
Home Sweet Home!
'06 July
Kaitlin, cars, Valley Girls, some bon voyage lunches, and More.
'06 June
The Getty Center, SeaBee Days, La Pergola, dinos, soo much birthday miscellania, and More.
'06 May
Mother's Day, Ann's party, LACMA, Les Perelman, Kaitlin(!), the Zoo, and More.
'06 April
Family, Friends, and Squirrels, W, Garrison, Ashes and Snow, links to Day Trips, and More.
'06 from Mid March
Kaitlin of course, Marija, H&M, Lazos, raining, downtown, and More!
'06 February
Meghan's wedding, the Japanese Garden, kids and Kaitlin, Sandy's show, Liz&Gary, Yas(!), Phil&Michelle&Eloise, Amit, and More!
'06 January after Asia
Back from SE Asia for half the month and mostly just gathering my wits, and 88 and stil great!, and More.

Click HERE and all the pictures in this chapter will get big.
September 27

I stole this off the internet. Tomorrow! Seattle! Bon Voyage to me!! So today I'm awake before the birds puttering around here shuffling papers and making lists.

'Uh Oh Uh Oh Granny's got her camera. Time to play.'

Gotta catch some Kaitlin before I leave. When I get back she'll probably be ready to go out for her first half-marathon.
'I'll just stand here a minute. Hmmm, these pants, I think I recognize them...'
Shopping with Snacks. La La Just hangin' at the Mall.
I see you.

When we got back we watched a taped episode of Sesame Street. Oh good-y good-y!! Sesame Street is the best most wonderful delightful intelligent program ever made for TV and that's a fact. It makes me laugh, it makes me dance, it makes me clap and cheer. From Darryl through Cynthia, right up into Kaitlin, Sesame Street ROCKS. (The main subject of today's show was 'hair' as in Rapunzel and 'does a mailbox have hair?' and it was brought to us by the letter R and by the number 8.)

Oddly, it seems I need a kid around to fully give myself over to the joy that is Sesame Street. So grab yourself a kid and catch some Sesame Street. You're gonna love it.
September 26

Look what Kaitlin sent to say thanks for helping with her birthday parties. Is this not the very sweetest thing you ever heard of?

ND saw this picture and sent me an email: 'Man, that kid has good taste and a big allowance.'

(I'll try for another pic tomorrow when there's more light!)
The Bird Spa and Resort in Culver City. Located in Knut and Brigitte's back garden and a favorite luxury of the neighborhood birds - and raccoons and opossums and etc. Pull up a chair and Enjoy!

Thanks for the photo Brigitte, and thanks for the lunch!

my Valley Girls
September 25

Monday Monday. And Happy Birthday Lourdes! Lourdes is in fact the youngest which she does remind us of from time to time. And I guess when you're the youngest you should always feel young. Forever Young, Lourdes.
Spud and Kathy Cheever
September 24

Spud and Kathy stopped by on their way home to Phoenix from San Diego. Yeah! Thanks so much for taking the time to have a meal with us. Also in this photo is Windy's presumptive boyfriend Jeff.

Windy, Jeff, Flor, me, Lona, Hartley, Spud, Kathy, and Mom of course around whom we merely orbit.

Our Delightful Waiter took the shot. Thanks Sergio.
Cynthia Kaitlin Windy self portrait
September 23

Happy Birthday to Kaitlin Again! Granny, Aunt Cynthia, the Birthday Girl herself, and Great Aunt Windy. Thanks for the photo Sandy.

Cynthia Kaitlin
It's another one from Sandy. So sweet!

Here are a couple of pictures from Brigitte that are so cool. That's the opossum in her grape vines. After harvesting 10 giant cans of grapes the opossum is gone and the raccoon is terribly disappointed.

I must take a photo of the fountain over there in Knut and Brigitte's garden. I rather lust after that fountain, but it's not just the fountain. You also need the exact viewing location to appreciate it.

Brogotte jpl
Later I'll put this in with the JPL section. This is a scale model of the Cassini spacecraft. Those people are made of cardboard and are there for scale.

You need to click here for the Cassini Mission home page. There are very very cool pictures there.

Angela Kaitlin
September 22

Assembling for a group photo at Kaitlin and Nora's birthday party. Is it possible?
Angela Kaitlin
Yes! It is possible!

standing: Susie with Ellie, Katie with Nora, Angela with Kaitlin, and Tracy with Aidan
seated: Emily with Zoe, Tracy with Lucas, Charlean with Sydne, and Holly with Carter
Kaitlin Nora
Here come the birthday girls! Happy Birthday Kaitlin and Nora!
A Mommy And Me Happy Birthday Snack Table. Yummy cupcakes made by the Moms of the Birthday Girls and many other tasty bits, favorites of the kidlets. (The little quiches weren't out yet.)

The regular participants of this gathering are kids born within about a month of each other. Can you imagine all the birthday parties?!
A covey of kids. Coo Coo Ka Choo.
Steven Shutman Celina Shutman
Rosh Hashana dinner at Steven and Celina's. Happy New Year!

We ate the ceremonial foods with honey noted below and then matzoh ball soup, and then a fancy salad, and then a stewed beef dish and meat balls with some yummy sauce and herbed carrots and a baked cauliflower dish and couscous. Then for dessert we had baked apples and home made by Celina (as was every other scrumptious dish) baklava and ice cream. *Sigh*

From the internet: "Among the many traditions of Rosh Hashana are:
Dipping of bread into honey after kiddish and ha-Motzi, as a symbol of the hope that the new year will be sweet. Dipping pieces of apple into honey, for the same reason. Also, the apple is said to symbolize the Divine Presence. Use of round loaf of bread instead of the usual braided challah. Some say the round shape symbolizes a crown."
Darryl Angela Kaitlin xo
September 21

You've got to check this out! Kaitlin is One Year Old! 'Happy Birthday to YOU.' It's the Mom, the Dad, and the Dog gathered to sing. 'Happy Birthday to yoouuuu!!'.
Darryl Kaitlin
Liz, Gary, and Angela's brother Devyn sent this extravagant and wow-zer balloon phantasmagoria. Yeah!
Angela Kaitlin
This is from lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Happy Birthday Kaitlin!
Lillian, lookin' good. I need to get the connections story next time, or from my mother when she is having a good day.
September 20

This is my mother and her adorable and saintly Doctor Ashley. I know I said my dentist was a saint and I said my doctor was a saint but those guys have to deal with a rather diluted version of my mother: me. Dr Ashley Has my mother and from what I can tell that brings saintliness to a whole new level.

I should also mention that Mom makes everyone in the office call her Gran'ma. She won't answer to any other name and she says points and says 'you're supposed to call me Gran'ma' should anyone slip. I was witness to some poor nurse who kept say 'but you're not My Gran'ma' and Mom refusing to be moved.

I want to praise my big sister for making everything about the care of our mother possible. I want to praise my little sister for her time, talent, and the gift she gives us, for all she does for our mother. Our mother is soo lucky I am not her only child. Her TIAs are taking her mind but she is neither paranoid nor hallucinatory. For this we are grateful every day.

ps I rented the movie 'Iris' and wept for about 5 hours. The acting is phenomenal. I do not recommend it.
Mori sushi
September 19

Lunch! in the range of 'to die for.'
Marsha Van Valkenburg Kelly Van Valkenburg Rosie

Thanks Rosie for feeding us all. Yummy! That's Rosie in the middle, Marsha to the left, and Marsha's daughter Kelly on the right. Kelly and Cynthia went all through school together. Rosie and Marsha went all through school together. When I went to England with Marsha back in the mid-90s we went to visit Rosie. Now you know everything.
Alex Lopez Carol Lopez Terry and Tammie
September 18

Remember a couple years ago when Alex went with me to Oregon to pick up the cute-as-pie but long-ago-crashed trailer? We stayed at Terry and Tammie's place here near Portland.

Now Alex and Carol are up there visiting and having far too much fun it seems from the photos. Following are two more of the pix.

Carol Lopez Tammie
Ooooh you Know what I'm thinking... Terry and Tammie have horses! You go girls.

Alex Lopez Terry
And boys and their toys. I can guess with 98% surety that Alex said to Terry something along the lines of 'oh hey oh hey can I drive your tractor ok ok?'

Roger Eaton Sandy Chaves baby Lucas
September 17

From Sandy - her comments:

'Roger looking at Fred trying to fix Nancy A's geisha doll display case and (our Baby) Lucas wearing the sweater Nancy A knit for him. Very cute(!) and China is pleased.'

Thanks Sandy!

Meryln Cook Hilda Tourians
September 16

Happy Birthday Hilda! Some of the crowd gathered to share stories of the spectacular Hilda. What a lovely group of friends and how fortunate I am to be included. Party on!
Meryln Cook Hilda Tourians
Boys at the Q. Yup. Like nails to a magnet.
Meryln Cook Hilda Tourians
Friends from the Getty.
Meryln Cook Hilda Tourians
The view from Merlyn and Hilda's back patio. Holy-ka-moly is right.
Paola and Lallo
September 14

Look what Paola sent! Photos from Madagascar! Paola and Lallo are the wonderful Italians with whom I happily crossed paths on three separate occasions while traveling in Vietnam. They certainly travel far and wide!

Click here if you want to remember
Ciao Bella Paola in Halong Bay
and Lallo and The Cat
and Paola and Lallo in Hue.

Paola and Lallo
Paola named this photo 'bambini'. I think it is the perfect title.

Paola and Lallo
Who knows hardly anything about Madagascar? That would be me, until I started fishing around on the internet. Now I know a little more. Then I checked on and wow, Madagascar is v$ry f$r $w$y from LA!

Paola and Lallo
Here's a clip from Wikipedia:

'The main island, also called Madagascar, is the fourth largest island in the world. It is the home of five percent of the world's plant and animal species, 80 percent of which are unique to Madagascar.' Now that's worth a look.

September 12

The long-awaited and thoroughly-enjoyed dinner at El Cholo.
September 11

This was fun, and interesting, and pretty long too - a free tour of JPL. They tell you no problem bring your camera take pictures of anything except the Mission Control Room. And I didn't get a single shot I liked. Hmm. Maybe Brigitte got something and she'll send it to me.

Our lively group of around 30 included the two guys on the left who were our guides as well as Rupa, Marsha, Hartley, Brigitte, and Lona.
September 10

Windy's Birthday! Happy Birthday Windy! All those glasses say Happy Birthday! The Birthday Girl gets the crown!
Windy Wilhelm
First we went to the Flea Market at Fairfax and Melrose where we saw Flea Market items including cool pieces of geology and a cool geology guy who entertained us mightily.
Rupa Majmudar
Rupa all dressed up!
Windy Wilhelm Lona Brown Hartley Brown Rupa Majmudar
Then we met L&H and Rupa at Will Rogers State Park for a dee-licous picnic thanks to Lona...
Wll Rogers Polo
...and Polo!
Windy Wilhelm Lona Brown Rupa Majmudar
This time the divot stomping party included champagne. It was a real tournament instead of the usual practice chuckers that we watch. They had a big big crowd of divot stompers which I of course attribute to the free champagne. Wouldn't you?
Bonnie? Where's Clyde? After the picnic we toured the Will Rogers house, enjoyed the stables, and we hiked up to Inspiration Point. And a grand time was had by all.
Hollywood Bowl Willie Nelson
September 9

The Hollywood Bowl and Mr Willie Nelson. And the LA Phil?! That part was weird - Willie Nelson and the LA Philharmonic. But after 45 minutes of soaring strings and sappy arrangements we got a 20 minute intermission, and then Willie came back with a country band and played and sang like the remarkable 73 year old man that he is, until 11pm.

Notice the JumboTron screens on both sides of the stage. The closeups are so compelling I wonder what we looked at before.
Nancy Artz Fred
Nancy got box tickets from her job, invited Fred of course, and me and Sharon, and it was fun. We ate and drank and were merry!
Willie Nelson
More JumboTrons for the folks on the benches. Check out that braid hanging down his back and past his belt. This guy has been faithful to his hair.
Willie Nelson
Oh Willie. What a guy.
Nancy Donald
September 8

A matinee with David and the women who surround him. Thanks folks, it was fun. Nancy, Jo Ann, Muriel, and David. No one liked the movie and everyone forgave Nancy for suggesting it. Then we ate.
Sandy Chaves
A picture of Sandy from Nancy Artz, her first contribution to this site! Lookin' Good!

September 6

This is what happens the instant Kaitlin catches sight of my camera. 'Oowww that looks gooood. I'm so there!'

My camera has a perfect feature for this situation called something like 'following focus' but first you have to Catch the focus before the camera can follow! (And then again I usually forget to take this setting anyway.)
'Hey Granny let's Play!'
September 5

This was one of those It Takes A Village days. Plans were in place for Lona and Flor to take Mom to the doctor to get her ingrown toenail cut out and Windy and Rupa and I were set for lunch and then we'd meet then all at the doctor's office.

(One experienced person can manage Mom in the house but I wouldn't think of taking her out without help.)

But, then, Hartley stuck a stick in his newly surgerized eye requiring a rush to a doctor in the opposite direction and a scramble of re-planning ensued. It worked out quite easily because Windy and I were both available. What if we all had to go to our jobs? Phewww.
Lona Brown Hartley Brown Rupa
September 4

Rupa is here! Aaaand, time for Ice Cream!!
Nancy Artz Sharon Parker self-potrait
September 3

Happy birthday Nancy! If you go to the Sunday Brunch at Shanghai Reds, and you get there early you get the best tables.
Santa Monica Life
Then we went for a water-taxi ride. It costs a buck and you get a 30-45 minute comfy scenic cruise around Marina del Rey. Waay fun! Happy Birtday Nancy!
Me! from Sharon. On our water-taxi ride. Thanks!

Marija Whyte Ljubica Corns
This is too fun too - a picture from Croatia of Marija and Ljubica with their cousin Leonardo sending me an email! It is, it's a small world after all!

Nancy Donald Charlie
September 2

Nancy whipped up another poweful feast today and since I have no picture of that, here's a picture from Kelly with Charlieee enjoying his own feast.

Getty Center
September 1

Click here for a Getty Center Update! I'm thinking this is a pretty dang cool pano of the garden at sunset.
Kaitlin Nora
Kaitlin and her good friend Nora. Angela took this picture. Do be careful when you look at it due to the potentially blinding level of cutness.

Click HERE and all the pictures in this chapter will get big.


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