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'17 December
Ho Ho HO!
'17 November
Giving thanks.
'17 October
'17 September
Home a lot, plus the amazing Yosemite.

Also click here for, wow,
the Total Eclipse of the SUN.
'17 August
'17 June
Here for one week+ and then Bon Voyage.
'17 May
Five weeks home between trips. My house makes me smile.

Links to April's Hawaii adventures:
Kauai and The Big Island.
'17 March
Last month home before my 'Travel Season' kicks in.
'17 February
Hearts and roses.
'17 January
Here I go, rapidly closing in on SEVENTY YEARS OLD. SEVENTY.

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Finishing off some miscellanea from March. The first few days of April will come later, with May, because I'm in Kauai now.

The other one didn't make it but this guy said "Termite poisoning? I scoff at termite poisoning."

I did have to tape his feet down...

The Dentist. I've got a temporary crown to get me through the trip in Kauai. No Red Hots for me.

Ken came out for some fun in the sun.

March 30

I met Burt at the Cathedral this morning for a good afternoon of photophoto, a walk-about, and Food.

Catch the reflection of the Cathedral in the ball and the etched angels in the background at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.


The flag garden near the bottom of Grand Park...
Burt self-portrait
...and at the fountain near the top.

From the roof garden at Disney Hall...
Burt self-portrait
...and more.

And another one.

We had a wander through The Last Bookstore...
...and then we ate at the newly reopened Clifton's Cafeteria. It really wasn't very good and it wasn't even retro-fun.

I'm very glad we went there because it's been on my mind to check it out. The food wasn't fun and the location is several blocks and many years away from the tentacles of gentrification that are sucking up the surrounding downtown.

A view from Pershing Square.

March 29

Me and Pauli, out for a play date...

...and then we went to get the girls at school. Thanks for the lovely afternoon Pauli!

Window covering in the living room...

...and the dining room.

The bedroom still has paper taped to the panes...but progress!

March 28

After doing our business in Hesperia we spent the night in Barstow and the next morning hurried on up to Calico Ghost Town in Yermo.

It's the Colonial Williamsburg of ghost towns though - basically, shopping, but we had a Lot of fun.

The town is set here at the home of the Maggie Mine, the area being once home to over fifty very active silver mines.

We read a most interesting geological description of this...

...and this. But I forgot!

What I do remember is that when the original miners came here they were thinking about a name for the town and one of the fellows remarked that the hills were 'as pretty as a pretty lady's calico dress'.

We think it was all rebuilt and Knott of Knott's Berry Farm was involved at some point.

The young woman running the panning-for-silver attraction.

Everything closes at 5pm.

More of the street of shops.

We liked it nonetheless.

It was just the two of us, before the HORDES of children appeared, so we got the personal attentions of this grisly ol' guy...

...for a tour of the house where water runs up hill. You've probably seen it before but despite that you might still get a little dizzy. We did!

A walking stroll through the old mine.

The school house...

...and a residence.

Sherriff, Sherriff I called out. Will you have a picture with my sister?!

"Why sure maam it would be my pleasure.

March 27

Windy and I made an over-nighter out to Hesperia to see the property in the Mojave desert that our father bought 60 years ago to make a killing in real estate.

More on that after we have a little look at a fantastic roadside attraction.

They make all these fiberglass sculptures on site as well as...

...tons of these guys out of metal. The guys at the place told me what they were made of but I've forgotten already.

More amazing fiberglass.

Ah! One of the corners leading to our plot which surprised us both... how really big an acre+ is.

I'm taking pictures turning in a circle.

Our across the street neighbor.

There were houses on every plot on our side of the street so that was a surprise too. Not a killing I should add, very far from it, but still it's a reminder that dreams can have a long life.

March 26

Burt's brother Barry passed away recently and the family held this beautiful memorial in his honor.

There were several of these photo boards available for the guests as we entered the venue.

Burt was the first and by very very faaar and away the best speaker. He wrote such a tender, loving, truthful, and hysterically funny story of his and his brother's relationship. And the crowd went wild.

March 25

Whenever I go to The Grove I hope to remember to get this shot of downtown.

March 24

It's broken, you can't tell. What you can tell is that it's in pretty desperate need of refinishing since it spent decades surviving a rough and well-used life.

Also it was made by my children's great-grandfather and their children's great-great-grandfather. (I hope I've got that right!)

March 22

The older girls were over to work on their talent show routine and the younger girls were the roadies handling the music, logistics, and hurrahs.

March 21

I forgot to put this one in - lunch at The Rock Inn at Lake Hughes.

March 20

It was Lona's birthday last week and what she wanted was for her sisters to take her on a quick little Road Trip. Hartley's not so up for a road trip these days and Lona wanted to drive drive drive.

We decided to go to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve State Park, 1 1/2 hours north. Here's a stop at an LADWP pumping station.
Windy Lona
We decided to go anyway even though it was cold and windy and rain was in the forecast.

But like magic it didn't rain on us but started raining exactly as we drove away.

Nice even in the fields that were not poppies.
Windy Lona
And the walking trails were totally fabulous. We could have gone on for miles more but we had a short-ish day and couldn't take the longer loops.

The poppies were all tucked up tight because of the cold, wind, and impending rain but...

...fantastic anyway.

Go for it, it should be just getting better for the next many weeks! Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve State Park, 1 1/2 - 2 hours north from Santa Monica, $9 parking.
my valley girls
March 20

Maxine! Every holiday at Maxine's is aMAYzing!!

March 19

I drove up to Santa Barbara today for a visit at Michi's and Nancy joined us for lunch.

Michi is my ukulele idol and I'm getting new strings just like hers.

On the walk to lunch.

March 18

Happy Birthday Uncle Dev! Liz treated us all to see the Lego Batman movie.

I liked the first Lego movie a lot for being witty and charming although I don't remember the story. This story was right out of My Little Pony but still witty and charming.

Dev and Gary on another occasion.

March 16

It was March Madness: The Miserable Mailing that I do for Lona every year. This year I worked for a few hours and turned all the rest of it over to Lona's assistant Cindi. WOW, that was easy!

March 15

Lilly had to do a softball make-up picture today. They do the regular bat on the shoulder shot and then if you want them to photoshop the kid into the team picture they take a standing shot and a kneeling one over in the same area where they shoot the teams. Clever.

March 14

Look at what you can get at Whole Foods for $80.

March 13

I went with the cousins to the Annenberg Beach House today.

Mine. Mine.

March 12

Oh ANN! What a beautiful table you set.

Pictures from Kat. She's passing through on her way home from Thailand and India back to South Carolina.

Bill, Kat, Ann


March 11

What FUN! I went to a House Concert which is when they have a concert in someone's house. It was AWESOME thanks to Richard again for knowing the what's what in music.

Sorry, the picture really doesn't do them justice.

Here we are in Colman Dekay's home in mid-city to hear...

...Paul Sanchez, who wiki calls a New Orleans Troubadour and he's wonderful. He also has Wonderful friends...

(internet pix)

...including members of Vaud and the Villains. That's the same trumpet and trombone players and those two guys were fantastic and teeth achingly adorable with Hollywood smiles to...Beat the Band.

(internet pix)

In the house of the house concert, an Elvis lamp, you know you want one. There were maybe 50 people in attendance and you were supposed to donate $20.

Food and beverage was piled high for your enjoyment.

March 10

Windy and I went down to City Hall to get the Senior Beach Parking Permit but we both failed because I didn't notice that we had to bring our car registration. ACK!

It was nice anyway and here's City Hall reflected...

...the sea gull steps fountain.

We had lunch at Chez Jay, established in the very building it still occupies having been established in 1959. Such prime real estate it's hard to imagine that this little dive bar is still as it was.

March 9

The pillow likes the chair and it likes the couch so I went looking for a rug that liked the pillow...

...and the picture. It's winging it's way to my door!

March 8

Aww, Avery is taller than I am!

Lilly and I did a homework assignment that included going for a walk and playing in the park. Good assignment!

The third crystal is in its place and contributing mightily to...

...the Rainbow Forest that is my kitchen!
March 7

Windy and I had an outing for today and it was so beautiful we decided to hit the Getty Center for some exercise (we walked up and back), for some inspiration (there are several very good shows), and for Food.

The garden was winter-thin but the azalea maze was already happening.

And views, wow.

And for the fun of it we decided to take a swing by the Skirball which is up the road a few minutes.

As well as their permanent collection and wonderful setting they had a good show of Roy Lichtenstein works. Here's Windy in front of the photo-op.

He kicked off his career in the style of Abstract Expressionism but decided the world didn't need another Abstract Expressionist and turned to comics and his own style of Pop Art.

I lived through this and here was reminded of the intensity of those years of assignations: JFK, Malcolm X, MLK, RFK.

This was a Time Magazine cover talking about gun control, as we continue to talk about gun control. I never really enjoy being reminded about how much we did not overcome.

Lichtenstein did a series of works 'in the style of' and here we see how a natural looking steer turns into Picasso's view of a steer.

March 5

Lill and I walked up early, before the trams had disgorged their contents. Wow, it was fun.

Charles Ray's Frog Boy, the welcome gate, the scented bowls, so good.
self-portrait Ingalill
Reflect-o! Me and Lill.

The not-so-secret fountain that I always introduce as The Secret Fountain is in full bubble as well as all the other fountains, all spouting and bubbling and shimmering and reflecting and Happy.

The Getty Center, look anywhere and it's awesome.

Lill finding her shot.

Anyone who has been up in this area knows this piece... and those that don't, let's just say I make a journal as close to G-rated as possible.

Lill whose eyes are the same color as her necklace. She's from Sweden born of Swedish parents who were born of Swedish parents and on down the line. So hello lady blue eyes.

My special sculpture is in the distance, but actually everything up here at the Getty Center is special.

There are a number of wonderful exhibits at the moment so if you are thinking about going you might as well go now.

March 4

I did some pictures for L&H today, ate a scrumptious breakfast made by my older sister, also known to we sisters as The Matriarch, and visited with Trevor, Beth, and Charis who were in town from Hawaii.

Then I ate again, and plenty of it, and why not, at Mariasol with...

...the always adorable Carol and Alex. Thanks guys for coming up!

March 3

Windy and I went out to do walking-distance chores and had a lovely day while we were at it. These trees always call my name.

Walkin' the dog(sssss).

March 2

The beach...

...and the pier. I haven't tired of it yet!

March 1

It was Family Reading Night and Book Faire at Jefferson Elementary. This is the Principle reading a book and coming across a surprising situation, I forgot! but it was a funny story I'll have to get it again from Angela.

There was pizza, chips, hot chocolate, story tellers, books to buy, and many happy children.

There was also a Harry Potter Photo Booth meaning they had props and you could take photos. It was fun!

Lilly, Kaitlin, Lilly, me

Lilly and Zoey...

...and Kaitlin and a couple of her friends doing Harry Potter Magic.
Click HERE and all the pictures in this chapter will get big.


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