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'18 December
Here today gone tomorrow.
'18 November
Back on the 16th!

Where the Heck Was I?
Rio de Janeiro
Iguazu Falls
Buenos Aires

'18 September
Home for a couple of weeks between Saint Paul and South America.
'18 August
In and out with many nights in Saint Paul
and in
'18 July
Oh beautiful for spacious skies...
'18 June
Birthday Season - Out and About.
'18 May
The Garage is my hope for this it has been for many other months...but maybe this time.
Here's the whole month of May in Kauai...

...except for the few days in Oahu.
'18 March
Home for a couple of weeks between trips.
'18 February
Hola! I'm leaving mid-month for (click for the story...)
Three fabulous weeks in Puebla, Mexico!
'18 January
'18 June-Wood
'17 Nov-Valley Girls 40th Birthday
Too much fun!

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January 29

We, Sharon and I, walked around Tongva Park this morning, enjoyed some food, then went our separate ways.

There's a big construction project next door to City Hall for some additional administration space but the original building stays exactly as it is - very cool tile work, fountains, murals. I like it!

Then I came home and started work on What's Next. I bought a plane ticket to Mexico City leaving February 17 and coming home March 10. It's a one hour or so bus ride from Mexico City airport to the colonial town of Puebla where I'm going to attend a Spanish Language school for three weeks.

Internet pic.

My goal before I leave is to at least know where things are Supposed to go in my garage even if everything is not yet in its spot. We'll see.

I'm giving away about a ton of Lonely Planets. If anyone will take them.

January 28

I have no idea how this picture went so wrong. I am a pathetic selfie maker.

Dinner with Windy and Jeff, Yay!

January 25-27

Getting ready to make this happen: acquiring so many things, Cecelia and Alex pitched in, shopping and cooking and then...
self-portrait Valley Girls are all in my little house for Ladies Lunch!

Marija, Ljubica, Becky, me, Alicia, Maxine, Lourdes, Marsha, Ann, Maryanne.

Maryanne's helper took the picture.

January 24

Happy Birthday Angela! Here's a huge box of Vegan Donuts for ALL! Liz, Gary, and Dev were there too but I failed to get a picture with everyone together.

January 23

Sharon and I had an early morning walk today, and we both thought this looked like a palm tree from the movies.

Kaitlin and I had a stroll around the Redondo Beach Pier while Lilly was in dance class.

We liked this guy because we couldn't see his other leg and because he matched the old sign where he was perched.

The fishermen on the pier were flipping the pelicans small fish and before you know it there was a flock gathered. We could easily have touched them, but ooow they are Big.

We're there in the window!

January 22

I went out to Simi to have lunch with Burt and Charlene and we stopped off at a Simi Valley landmark, Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village.

"In 1956, Tressa Prisbrey, then 60 years old, started building a "village" of shrines, walkways, sculptures, and buildings from recycled items and discards from the local landfill. She worked for 25 years creating one structure after another to house her collections.

".. It was officially closed in 1984 and severely damaged during the 1994 Northridge earthquake. .. In 1996, two years after the Northridge earthquake and still in ruin, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places."
I just put this in a week late deciding oh who cares, we're cute anyway.

me, Burt, Charlene

A different day but I don't remember which, sunset from my front porch.

January 20-21

Lucas has been in town from Seattle for a business meeting and we've all had a great chance for a visit. Thanks for making the time Lucas!

Trevor, Lucas, Lona, Hartley

January 19

Michi came down on the train from Santa Barbara to catch her flight to Mexico City and we got to have a very good evening catching up. Bon Voyage Michi!

This isn't Mexico City though. This is a picture of Puebla, about an hour outside of Mexico City where I'm thinking to go for a Spanish class and home stay. I need to decide pretty soon because the program starts February 19.

(internet pic)

January 18

Pauli and I went to Little Tokyo today and stood in line at 11 for the 11:15 opening to get a seat at Sushi Gen. I'd never been here because of the well-known lines at every hour.

It was so so delicious. Really, really spectacular. Getting there at the opening I think was worth it because we sat in front of the senior sushi man and it was AWESOME.

Then we strolled through the main plaza.
We had my favorite bean pastry at now my second favorite place, Sushi Gen having risen to #1.

The we went to the Japanese American Museum to see their Pacific Standard Time show. They displayed the work of many Japanese artists who had emigrated to Latin America and it was both interesting and good.

January 17

I met Bill, Cheryl, Kim, and sweet Addie Rose for lunch last week and I've been waiting patiently for these awesome photos. Thanks Kimmy!

From top left, that's Addie at our lunch. She ran up to me with a big hug and a 'Hi Miss Penny' when I arrived. Awwww.

Then that's Bill and Cheryl with Addie on her oh-so-delightful Little Mermaid birthday. Ross, Addie, and Kim again at the party. And Addie doing a twirl. She asked me 'do you want to watch me twirl?' Of course!


January 16

No pictures of Kaitlin and Lilly today. Here's a picture from Cynthia of her neighbor AJ holding Kai and his dog The Mighty Astro.

They get together once or twice a week in the late evening to let the dogs race around the services floor of the apartment tower when everything is closed and the dogs can go crazy off-leash.

It's mighty adorable I'll tell you.

January 15

Me, Windy, and Lona at Saint Johns ready to shepherd Lona through her... All is well for the moment and we await the pathology report.
lady bird
January 14

Lunch-walk-movie. A retired lady's dream. Thanks for coming out Sharon!

January 13

Marsha and Kelly stopped by for an afternoon visit. Here's Marsha's cat hanging out under her legs as taken by Kelly.


January 12

Sharon and I went to the track at Pepperdine for a walk. I love that walk because when we're done we always go to The Reel Inn and I always have this exact meal - half-and-half New England and Manhattan Clam Chowder, so much Cole slaw that I can take some home, and a Longboard draft.

Although I do sometimes get the equally delicious fish tacos.

Cynthia got this from Mike at Lofty Dogs. It's Kai's first sit-and-stay photo with the Lofty Dogs pack. OMG C.U.T.E.


January 11

My first day with the grandgirls for more than two weeks and here's just one of the many things they did while I was gone.

They're both taking art class and had the same lesson, Kaitlin's on the left and Lilly's on the right. You go girls!

January 10

I have to use this Christmas in Paradise picture that I got off Ingalill's facebook, and wouldn't you? This is her weekly beach volleyball crew. I know three of the six and, well, let's just say they've certainly maintained their youthful good looks!


January 9

I'm home from Saint Paul Minnesota and you can see the story at this link: With Cynthia!
Click HERE and all the pictures in this chapter will get big.


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