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'18 December
Here today gone tomorrow.
'18 November
Back on the 16th!

Where the Heck Was I?
Rio de Janeiro
Iguazu Falls
Buenos Aires

'18 September
Home for a couple of weeks between Saint Paul and South America.
'18 August
In and out with many nights in Saint Paul
and in
'18 July
Oh beautiful for spacious skies...
'18 June
Birthday Season - Out and About.
'18 May
The Garage is my hope for this it has been for many other months...but maybe this time.
Here's the whole month of May in Kauai...

...except for the few days in Oahu.
'18 March
Home for a couple of weeks between trips.
'18 February
Hola! I'm leaving mid-month for (click for the story...)
Three fabulous weeks in Puebla, Mexico!
'18 January
'18 June-Wood
'17 Nov-Valley Girls 40th Birthday
Too much fun!

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April 2

It's off to Hawaii today for me, next story coming up from the Land of Aloha!
April 1

I went with the gang to see King Tut but before our time to go in we looked around at the other exhibits. Here's me with lift-off wings. I wanted my hair to stand straight up but I failed.


Here's Kaitlin coming out of the same fun.

And then...Tornado!

And here's some straight-up hair.

March 30

I spent most of the day doing the yearly rent increases and tenant mailing for L&H.

Then I watched Good Morning Vietnam for the first time since it came out back in the '80s. I was trying to imagine what it might be like to have a brain that snapped and popped and sped like the brain of Robin Williams and it was an exhausting thought.

March 29

Bonnie came by this cool foggy day and we enjoyed a walk and lunch on the pier. Look at all those people frolicking at the beach. It's Good Friday and some schools are already on spring break so that might help explain the crowds because it certainly wasn't a classic beach day.

I forgot to include this one in Lona's birthday day. We with some of our play props lookin' cute.

March 28

Happy Birthday Lona! Even though her birthday was on the 12th, this was our first chance for sister-sister-sister birthday festivities.

First we went for a walk at Zuma Canyon Trailhead where we ate trail mix and snacks aplenty and performed a Play for Three Voices which was a kick indeed.

Then we did a swing by the Zuma Canyon Orchid Ranch...

...and then we went to Paradise Cove for lunch.

I had made an very short aside while the waitress was there that it was my sister's birthday so could we please have some bread right away. Bread came.

Then after dinner OMG this cake came. Just imagine, and that's what it was like.

Stuffed to our eyeballs we went for a nice walk at Paradise Cove and the beautiful coves further to the north.

March 27

Darryl was out of town on Tuesday so Angela called him for the good night routine with the girls. Kaitlin put the phone on her robot and took this picture. (It's the Big Bang Theory all over.)


March 26

I had lunch with Burt and Charlene and here's a picture of (one of...) their cat who lives under the coffee table. I need a cat to live under my coffee table too!

Charlene was three weeks post-knee replacement surgery and after lunch we walked for more than a mile, maybe two miles. You go Char!

Then I had dinner with Marija. We walked from her house to the nearby Italian restaurant that was already an old stalwart when I lived in the valley. Thanks for coming out Marija!

March 25

Nice day today for a trip downtown.

The inset picture is from 1988. The building in the far right, the AT&T Center, formerly SBC Tower, Transamerica Building, and originally the Occidental Life Building that first appeared on the skyline in 1965.

It's a really fine LA Story, and you can read about here The Loneliest Skyscraper in Los Angeles.

I was on my way to meet Marsha for good times including the LA Philharmonic at Disney Hall. It's an experience so excellent it always makes me shiver.

March 24

Dev, Gary, and Liz hadn't been over since I got my stove so I fixed us a late lunch on said stove and we had a lovely time.

I forgot to take a picture(!) so Liz got the gang together for a selfie. Thank you Liz!


March 23

Our first day without rain for a few days so Sharon and I went for a walk but wanting to avoid mud we decided to stay on the sidewalks.

And then we had a yummy lunch at El Cholo and I ate the leftovers for a yummy dinner.

March 22

Ken and I got the only rain-free two hours during the day on Wednesday for our tour of Paramount Studios. The idea was to get into Hollywood before the traffic and it worked out very well, and it was fun.

Then we had dinner, and then we went to see The Groundlings which was plenty entertaining too.

Nice day Ken, thanks for coming out!

March 21

I got to hang out with Kaitlin today while Lilly was in dance class. We played the very fun game she created.

Then when we got home I played Lilly's game with her. She quickly allowed that Kaitlin had helped her with ideas, and it was a lot of fun too.

March 20

Maxine made her traditional treat to us all by cooking a St Patrick's Day dinner that we entirely hoovered in a few short hours and we took home the crumbs. Everyone could come - for corned beef and cabbage and all the rest, wow, Thanks to YOU Max!

Maxine, Lourdes, Marsha, Alicia, me, Becky, Ljubica, Ann, Marija, Maryanne.

Thanks Shirley for taking the photo.

March 19

SO many pictures! You can click here though, if you're up for SO many pictures of
Mission San Juan Capistrano.

March 18

Ingalill and I took the train to San Juan Capistrano for our traditional photo-photo outing.

We arrived in plenty of time, got our ticket from a person who wrote the track number on the ticket, we went to said track number and waited with a fellow traveler while the signboard continued to flash the arrival of our train - but no train arrived.

Finally we went back to the ticket counter and found the same woman who sold us the tickets. OOOPS, she had given us the wrong track and the wrong track still thought it was the right track. Confusion all around.

In the end we had to wait an hour and a half and they comped us our fare both ways and we were satisfied to spend the time in the remarkable Union Station.

I have a truck-load more pictures but I have to go to sleep now!

March 17

I went with Muriel for the walk up to Inspiration Point at Will Rogers State Park.

It was a perfect day for the walk up there because it was cool and bright. It's too hot a lot of the year so I was especially happy that we got to do it today.

Hi Muriel!

And here's Muriel as she greets the last dog to pass. She greeted every dog that passed as is her custom. Muriel is thinking about getting another dog. She did have a dog in LA but he passed before I had a chance meet to him.

A crazy tree along the route. It was such a beautiful day! Then we ate pizza. A lot of delicious wild mushroom pizza. YUM!
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