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Gran'ma's photos
neither here nor there

'18 December
Here today gone tomorrow.
'18 November
Back on the 16th!

Where the Heck Was I?
Rio de Janeiro
Iguazu Falls
Buenos Aires

'18 September
Home for a couple of weeks between Saint Paul and South America.
'18 August
In and out with many nights in Saint Paul
and in
'18 July
Oh beautiful for spacious skies...
'18 June
Birthday Season - Out and About.
'18 May
The Garage is my hope for this it has been for many other months...but maybe this time.
Here's the whole month of May in Kauai...

...except for the few days in Oahu.
'18 March
Home for a couple of weeks between trips.
'18 February
Hola! I'm leaving mid-month for (click for the story...)
Three fabulous weeks in Puebla, Mexico!
'18 January
'18 June-Wood
'17 Nov-Valley Girls 40th Birthday
Too much fun!

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The gal at the carwash who manages to be so pretty despite that horse shoe in her nose.

Lilly's unicorns...just the ones I could corral real quick for this photo. There are also two walls full of them, a picture for another day.

Kaitlin's last day of being 12, on the bed painting. Her room tells her story too. I love it!

It's KAI! Awwww. He's waiting oh oh so patiently until he is given permission to gobble up that piece of fallen steak. What a Good dog.


Marsha and I went over to John and Jenn's so I could see their new house and just kick around for a while.

Hey Jordon, what'cha got?

The Cat.

Kaitlin's Birthday Weekend!

Friday morning with gifts and a special breakfast, a fun lunch with friends, and more and more fun.


Saturday the gang gathers for a Beach Day. I'm CRAZY for this picture.


Sunday, dinner and dessert with the fam.

Happy Birthday my precious TEENAGER.

One day's setting moon and...

...another day's setting sun.

I missed this picture when putting together Lilly's Birthday Weekend. Such sweetness. I've used adorbs a few times so just so you know, you'd better stop because it is now an expression of old ladies.


September 18

To do lists are being shortened. See that circle in South America, I get to go there!

I love big world-class cities and capital cities even when they're not so world-class. I'm getting to visit four of them on this trip, Rio, Asuncion, Montevideo, and Buenos Aires.

And amazingly, I get to see Iguazu Falls. I've visited Niagara and Victoria and both experiences were so awesome I've been dreaming of visiting Iguazu for years, and now I get to go.

September 17

Burt and Charlene came over for lunch and a stroll. It was lovely... this amazing hibiscus. Burt and I stood in front of it taking pictures through an entire signal cycle.

September 16 plus

Ingalill took me to the Greystone Mansion today, a first for me and a multiple visit for Lill. Here's a view of my past life, where I spent a good part of thirty years.

"The Greystone Mansion, also known as the Doheny Mansion, is a Tudor Revival mansion on a landscaped estate with distinctive formal English gardens, located in Beverly Hills, California. Architect Gordon Kaufmann designed the residence and ancillary structures, and construction was completed in 1928."

The building itself is not open to the public and there are 'no photography' signs at the entrance to the garden but...

...everyone was taking pictures. Probably they would care if you brought in a wedding party for example.

In one of the plazas.

A nice fuzzy magnolia cone.

After our stroll around the Greystone Mansion we went out in search of a park to eat our picnic, and here we are at the Will Rogers park in Beverly Hills not the big one out on Sunset. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was so fantastically amazed that we found this quiet and beautiful spot that was made for a Sunday afternoon picnic.

From another day this is Nancy's picture from Jo Ann's art show opening.

I missed both Nancy and Muriel who were there before me, at Rose Gallery in Bergamot Station. Jo Ann's show is going to up until November so stop on by!


While I was in Saint Paul I got my tdap booster and took the prescribed dose of typhoid vaccine. Since I'm not going to the jungle this time I don't have to take the malaria.

I always note to myself that insurance will not cover typhoid or malaria vaccines but they'd have to take care of me if I get typhoid or malaria which would be Much more expensive. I guess the insurance industry thinks it's worth the risk so I have to think, actuarially-wise, I'm not going to get typhoid or malaria.
my valley girls
The gang at the Getty Villa getting ready to see a Greek Tragedy.

September 13-15

Home from Saint Paul, thanks Cynth, it was great to visit! And right in to the grandgirls' Birthday Season.

Following are several of Angela's pictures. I was there and we had so much fun doing everything for the Last Time of Being Eight. Last homework, last dinner, last bath etc. I wanted to take a Last Picture of Being Eight, but, are we surprised? I forgot.

Here she is 'taking a quiz to find out if Dawson is a vampire boyfriend' on her last day of being eight.

On the right, on her first day of being nine, Dawson gave her flowers and Calvin gave her the awesome unicorn balloon.


Birthday Dinner at Lilly's favorite PF Chang's. Looks like she got All the desserts!


Hartley's back in the hospital. Fortunately it was not another stroke although it seemed so at first. The current thinking is that it's seizures and he'll be in the hospital for awhile while they work out more appropriate medications and get him up again.

Bonnie and I went to the Annenberg Beach House for a very good lunch and on the way in we saw these girls. Hey girls! Bonnie was so pleased because this was the car she drove when she was that age. Daddy's T-Bird. Gotta love it!

The restaurant ticket: "Immigrants make America great. They also cooked your food and served you today."
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