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neither here nor there

'18 December
Here today gone tomorrow.
'18 November
Back on the 16th!

Where the Heck Was I?
Rio de Janeiro
Iguazu Falls
Buenos Aires

'18 September
Home for a couple of weeks between Saint Paul and South America.
'18 August
In and out with many nights in Saint Paul
and in
'18 July
Oh beautiful for spacious skies...
'18 June
Birthday Season - Out and About.
'18 May
The Garage is my hope for this it has been for many other months...but maybe this time.
Here's the whole month of May in Kauai...

...except for the few days in Oahu.
'18 March
Home for a couple of weeks between trips.
'18 February
Hola! I'm leaving mid-month for (click for the story...)
Three fabulous weeks in Puebla, Mexico!
'18 January
'18 June-Wood
'17 Nov-Valley Girls 40th Birthday
Too much fun!

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November 28

I'm afraid I was a little too full of myself, how I managed a two month trip schlepping around South America and not getting sick at all.

Now I'm sick. Sneezing, running nose, dry cough. Bummer.

November 25

Sharon and I did our Palisades Park walk today...

...and strolled down the Promenade where all the holiday decorations are up and lookin' good.

November 22-24

A few pictures from the last few days.

Kaitlin took these photos of their new puppy OLIVER, a perfect little King Charles Spaniel.

Kaitlin Lilly
The girls and the Elinoffs with Oliver and the neighbor's dog Dude they've been dog watching for the week who is possibly Oliver's sibling. Oliver is certainly Dude's mini-me.

How adorable, my only picture from Thanksgiving. It was delicious and delightful and fun!

A view from my front porch.

The dessert Celina made for our after Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner that was so delicious and Celina cooked it all. You go Celina!

On Saturday I had a nice visit with Ingalill, she's leaving for Chile on Wednesday. We walked to breakfast and passed this. Holiday decorations are taking a turn.

November 21

Oh yes, The Four-Oh-Five on the busiest traffic day of the year...


November 20

Lilly does the Secret Santa names for the Monday Potluck crowd as she and Kaitlin have for several years. Thanks Lill!

November 19

I got back on Friday the 17th after nearly two months in South America, then Saturday was the 40th birthday party for our friends-since-school-days daughters (unfortunately Cynthia couldn't make it out from Saint Paul), then Sunday Alex and Carol were over to finish some projects Alex was working on and to visit and eat, and then I went to the valley to visit with Marsha and have Monday dinner with the gang.

Life...and the Holiday Season...kicks right in!

A couple of the moms couldn't make it either.

Moms: Marsha, Ann, Willy, Ljubica, Marija, Virginia

Daughters: Sharon, Kelly, Mary, Nikki, Melissa, Melinda, Kris, Jenn


Click HERE and all the pictures in this chapter will get big.


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