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neither here nor there

'19 July
Last month and then gone for a while.
'19 June
A few overnighters on the calendar already. Is there some thing about 72? Since that's my age this month...
'19 May
Back from the land of aloha and looking forward to a nice long weekend at The Ranch.

April in Kauai
'19 March
My tooth and etc...
'19 February
Soo much rain...happy happy lawn.
'19 February XANDER!
Xander is 17!
'19 January
Yikes! 2019. Next year is 2020. What?

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July 17

Roxi spent the day with Lilly today so I called Roxi's Grandma Pauli and we all went to lunch and then to the beach. I wish I got some better pictures because those girls were taking on the waves with delighted enthusiasm.

Roxi and Lilly made up a dessert menu, we made our selections, and they served up..

..super-fun desserts with a check, the price being rendered in hugs, kisses, and high-fives.

July 16

All set now.

The funeral will be July 26 at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills with a reception following. On July 27 we'll have an open house at the apartment in Marina del Rey.

I'm going to leave this on top for a while and add pictures below it because unfortunately I already forget to whom I've told what.

July 10 Hartley became unconscious with what turned out to be a brain bleed. The neuro-surgeons at UCLA concluded that nothing could be done to restore even minimal function. He is on a breathing machine awaiting further decisions.

July 11 the Palliative Care team will be consulting with Lona and Trevor this morning. I went to Forest Lawn and brought back all the info and photos for an informed decision regarding burial, service, and reception.

July 12 Hartley died around 5pm today surrounded by his family who were all praying and singing hymns and telling Hartley how much they loved him. It was perfect.

July 13 The Hawaii family is still here and we spent most of the day working on the funeral, figuring out 'things'. It's like a wedding in that you spend too much because it's worth it for the memory, but you do it in a few days.

my cat

July 9

Caleb is passing through, visiting with his grandparents, and I got a great afternoon of lunch at Ye Olde Kings Head since he'll be leaving for Oxford soon.

We walked around for a while and then..

..Caleb did the full run on the rings. You go Caleb!

July 8

Monday in the valley but this is on 2nd Street and Santa Monica Blvd. in Santa Monica.

We might not recognize it. It's a Book Store, and they'll buy your books. Check it out online at

July 7

Another fun-filled Sunday with Marsha thanks to the fruits of the pleasure she takes from charity silent auctions. Today - Polo in Santa Barbara!

But first we met Michi at a restaurant of her choosing and everything we ate was delicious.
Michi didn't want to go to polo but Nancy came and YAY for that. We had a delightful visit and..

..a tasty treat to enjoy during the match.

The announcer was particularly entertaining so I wanted to see her vantage and there she was in the cheap seats having a grand ol' time.

July 7

From Cynthia: "The police shooting of Philando Castile in a St Paul suburb made national news a few years ago when his passenger girlfriend made a Facebook live stream video of his shooting death - the officer thought he was reaching for a gun when he was actually reaching for his ID that the officer had asked to see. Philando even said he was reaching for his ID.

"I sit on this bench often when I bring Kai and I thought the school was honoring him because he worked for the St Paul school district - it is in the school park where I take Kai after school hours located 2 blocks away from me and I just learned that the reason the bench is here is because this was the school where Philando worked as a cafeteria supervisor when he was shot."

July 6

Bonnie and I drove down to Santa Ana today to visit the Bowers Museum. I can't remember that I've ever been here before.

We came to see..

..'Now open at the Bowers Museum in its U.S. west coast premiere: Guo Pei: Couture Beyond.

'This exhibition showcases the iconic work of world renowned couturičre designer Guo Pei. Featuring more than 40 breathtaking pieces from her most bold runway shows, the masterpieces on view underline the artist’s impact on the fashion world and beyond.

'For over 20 years Guo Pei has been dressing celebrities, royalty and politicians from around the globe who turn to her for show-stopping creations.'

From a Vogue article about the opening festivity:

'Classifying these pieces as clothing wouldn’t be accurate: Firstly, they aren’t meant to be worn; and secondly, as Guo herself informed earlier that day at a press preview, “These are not pieces of my clothing. I make clothing, but in these galleries, you will find my art.”'


We ate lunch at the restaurant there and then enjoyed a stroll through the rest of the museum. It was a lovely outing, thanks for the idea Bonnie!

July 5

I got in the car this morning, got out this afternoon, came inside, and then ticked 6 things off my to-do list. What a satisfying day.
flying pig
July 4

Brigitte and Knut found this while traveling through Lubeck, Germany. Thanks guys!

Today I wanted to go room by room, clean every surface and do all the moving-out-to-storage that needed to be done. I didn't get through every room but I did get through most of the rooms. I have so many rooms now, living/dining combo, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, service porch. Still so many rooms compared to my studio life!

Wednesday was my second summer Tuesday with the girls, we switched, and I'm lovin' these summer days.

July 2

Happy Birthday to ME..Thanks Jo Ann! Several things: note it is cut in half, we Shared it. I wish I had asked her to lower it so the full glory would shine against the black top. Lastly, I know, the glasses glare, which I didn't notice at the time and couldn't have done anything about even if I had.

We also had a scrumptious taco lunch at a place I had never visited before and now will be a part of my regular rotation.
Kieran Bodhi
July 1

Cynthia sent me these. WOW, how spectacularly cool is this! And he's going to be 16 in a week!!


Ann had the ladies over for Monday potluck, ready to celebrate. We did spend some time moaning over the State of the Union, something we Never do, but the group was small with no dissenters.
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