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'20 June
oh MAN.
'20 May
Still HERE Home Sweet Home...
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Stayin' at home..Stayin' at home Ha Ha Ha Ha Stayin' at hooo-oh-oh-oh Stayin' at home.
'20 March
Greetings Spring...and the containment begins, start date: March 16.
'20 February
'20 January
Goodbye 2019. Here's hoping for some peace and quiet..if you know what I mean...

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May 31

What to do. None of these Santa Monica pictures are mine and Iím not going out any time soon either. Probably.


May 30

I am getting anxious now about finding a solution to my front yard situation of so many things that bug. Honestly, I paid Plenty so as not to be the victim of a concept to which I do not subscribe, the concept of 'you get what you pay for'. Not necessarily.

So I asked Lill if she wanted to come with me to the garden center. Her garden is picture perfect. She specializes in succulents and cactus and is capable of spending The Entire Day working on garden projects. So...that could be my problem. I'm too lazy to have a nice garden.

I'm still having folks for lunch and I love it but apparently I don't take pictures.

May 27

A breezy dining room just right for a safe and happy corona luncheon. Thank you Sharon! These tete-a-tetes, both in my yard and in other peopleís have been a gentle reminder that we do still have friends!

May 26

I've been taking some pictures of the tree streets around me recently and Susie found this FABULOUS map on the Santa Monica City websites that tells the names of the most prevalent. I'm so excited! I wrote to the city to see if I could buy one.

Most unfortunately, the trees on MY street are not named!Here's the link: Santa Monica Tree Map

May 25

Last time Nancy was over Olivia sold her one of these designer masks. A mask for going to the opera we thought!

May 24

Ben and Bonnie at HOME! I was their second garden guest and they were my second garden hosts. Wild and crazy, right.

The Farm. Onions and peppers and squash..I'm very excited for tomato season!

So many geraniums to admire..

..and bananas. I have a couple now from the previous batch. They take a while to ripen off the vine.

May 23

Merlyn, Hilda, and Raffi met me at Tehran Market so Hilda could be my guide through the store that re-opened a month ago, doubled in size and jam-packed with all foods Persian.

The full deli section isnít going yet but still Hilda gave it a Big Thumbs Up. She bought a ton of stuff as well as lunch from the guy cooking up kebobs in the parking lot. Raffi is having fun watching the process. Everything was deeelish.

May 22

Wow, right, check out that PPE. I think he made it himself!

Temporary cover on my tooth, impression for a permanent crown on the way to lab. He did have to shoot me up three times to get my tooth numb enough to drill on it.

Just a reminder that this is a different problem, not my recently completed implant.

I feel like it was trouble and expense that might have been avoided. I keep chocolate in the freeze so I'll break off a little square for when a taste of chocolate is just the thing. BUT I forgot that what I had had nuts and caramel in it. So I chomped down hard on the chocolate that turned out to be right in the wrong part of a rock-like frozen nut.

You know how it is, you know instantly, that feels expensive!

Walking home down Wilshire (seems like all my places are on Wilshire) I noticed another one of those street-with-one-tree.

I think they are ficus trees.

May 21

Sitting outside at the big table, 6' across from one friend at a time, for a sunny visit and maybe a snack, what a fine contribution to the day! First it was once. Then it was once a week. Now I just go for it. Muriel took this picture of me.

I've been getting the Poem-A-Day email for a while now and it's been a delight. Here's today's:

when the tide
of silence
say "ocean"
then with the paddle
of your tongue
the letters to form

Craig Santos Perez

May 20

Here are a few pictures from a walk around the block. I've taken photos of all these places before, always looking different.

The red door house.

Sweet Peas! The flowers of my youth.

Mighty healthy.

Last time I showed some neighborhood pictures I talked about the different trees featured on the various streets. Here we've got our jacarandas.

At this point it was about 8pm which had a big effect on the colors.

May 18

Oh NO no no no. I broke a tooth! BUMMER. I am amused to find that I am far more afraid of dental work than I am of the corona.

I need to get this thing fixed before it gets worse! You are welcome, I'm not showing you the picture I sent the dentist of the Inside of my mouth!

May 17

Lilly was missing her Father-Daughter dance this year and Rome missed dances too, so Lilly created a fabulous Dance Party event in their own garage and...

ak. their garden...


...and closing off the night with a projected movie. Angela said that Lilly was in charge of everything. You go Lilly!


May 16

Slowly making my way through this soap opera of Spanish lessons I got to be reminded about why I had so much trouble understanding what people said during my last trip in Argentina and Uruguay and Paraguay too. Everywhere really, except Mexico.

In the story we've been to Mexico, Spain, and Argentina hosted by a Spanish speaker from California. Oh my goodness. The speaker from Mexico sounds like she's speaking Spanish to me! Of course all languages (I assume...) have this vast difference in pronunciation and even word choice. But I soldier on!

May 15

Out at 5:30 this morning, I was greeted by these cawing crows who followed me, caw caw caw, from lamp post to lamp post for three blocks.

For the first block it was just these three and then as time went on more and more gathered, but they never settled down for a picture. It was fun though, and this picture will remind me. What a racket!

I'm always hot for a reflect-o.

As you walk west on Wilshire, you can look north or south and each block has its own row of different trees. Of course the palms are easier for a picture. The shorter trees get muddled up with the houses and the cars but it's lovely to look at anyway.

Target is moving into the old Staples location. That'll be something. There's another small Target a couple miles away and it doesn't do as a Target especially when you're used to the multi-story acres of Target you find in the valley.

But it's way better than all that empty space so I'm thumbs up!

I have that pink vine. It's 2 feet tall, but there are some vines that are reaching around the fence a little, so maybe.

May 15

Wow, I have four days of not-much to report. I study Spanish from an old textbook for maybe an hour (yo no recuerdo NADA!), I fuss with building this new website for two-three-four hours, I've be lax with the garden because I'm planning to take some things out and put other things in which is Super-Duper-Intimidating, folks eat with me in my backyard one at a time, I've done two trips to the garden center for and eating, that's a big one.

And speaking of the garden center, a rose thorn broke off in my finger and it was so deep I couldn't decide if I should dig it out or not. So I left it and it disappeared into my finger.

That's that I thought. But No. It is now working its way to the surface which I look at 100 times per day because it reminds me of Alien, straining as it is to break free. Only it's in my finger, and it's a thorn.

I've also done a lot of e-chatting. In one day I talked to Marija-Marsha-Ann on Houseparty to get Marija set up. I talked to Beth and Lona on Duo, or was it Hangouts, I forget.

On that same day I had two zoom calls, one in celebration of Marsha's birthday...

...and the other was with some folks I rarely see and other's I haven't seen in 60 years. We all went to the same Junior High!

May 11

I've been distracted from pictures the last few days because Darryl is working on a refresh of my very old website, making it so I can take care of it myself, so I've been fiddling with the process. It's exciting!

Beautiful Mother's Day Flowers from Cynthia - I'll be enjoying this display for many weeks to come!

The Hawaii Fam in honor of the two grandmas and the mom, all living in the same house for a while, and Caleb from far away.

May 9

Hilda and Raffi came around for a driveway visit although we did end up in the backyard because Hilda decided it was good for a keeping-our-distance chat and safe for Raffi.

It didn't feel like we hadn't seen each other in ages because Hilda has been hosting the Persian poetry group that we did in April and we've talked a few times on the phone. I never enjoyed talking on the phone that much and video calling, yikes, but now I'm all in.

May 8

In my daily 'discussion' with the garden-monster, today I had to hack away some of the lavender that had overwhelmed the rosemary, and I salvaged these.

May 7

I can't believe how big a part of my life grocery stores have become. Pleasant as it is to stroll over to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, and although I don't need a thing in the world, still I had an itch to go to Ralphs and get a few items from the old-school brands not carried by WF or TJ.

And then while I was there, and since I had the car, and since it's been more than two months..

..I bought bags full. It is very cool to have a practically empty shopping list.

What else...also today was 4+ hours of e-visits so that's cool and another most unexpectedly big part of my life.

Tomorrow many kinds of stores are opening for curbside delivery which doesn't help too much for the great desire to Go Somewhere, but hiking trails, some beaches, and golf courses will open on Saturday. Maybe I could hook up with a golfing pal and just go for a walk?

May 6

I had lunch with Sharon out in her garden today, and brought home another crop of kumquats for marmalade. This is exciting. Someday my new tree will make kumquats. That's the plan.

May 5

Merlyn and I have been messing around with facial recognition software. He's pretty happy with Google Photos and it does look ok (we did a zoom call with screen sharing, long retired though we are). He has many fewer pictures to index since he's always kept a directory of 'best of' whereas I tried to index my whole terabyte of data.

I tried Lightroom too, but it's not fair to judge them since I lost patience once the system recognized 10s of 1000s of faces. I do have an idea how to lessen the load, but I probably won't bother.

May 4

A decision was me. I'm not going to try to rent this place until new layoffs are over and re-hiring begins. I think I'll have a bigger pool of qualified potential applicants if I wait. It's less risky too. And I've got my travel budget to cover the loss.

Remember about the last tenant who moved back home to North Carolina. He and his dad did a surprisingly good job cleaning but it's not New Tenant clean. For example the shower doors were opaque with soap scum and the right side picture is after three different efforts to clean them. I confirmed to myself that it can get clean, so that's good.

Oliver hanging out in Lilly's cardboard house, made by the whole family from a big box, it is awesome. I mean really, look at that fireplace. There are many more so-cool features including a flower box for heaven's sake.


May 3

From one of my weeding efforts. I lasted 12 minutes this time. Let's see what tomorrow brings!

No real numbers here, it's a concept piece from my favorite meme site, As people who know me can well imagine, soooo much of what 'people' say gives me the shivers. Good thing for me knock on wood inshallah I'm healthy and can take it in small-enough slices from sources that don't bellow and preen.

May 2

We have had some expansion of 'here' since I and the tenants have been using the yard more and more as the weather warms and one or two at a time, people come around to sit, far-apart.

We keep the chairs at a distance and just visit. No dancing. It'll be so so good when dancing is back!


I got on the e-mailing list for these guys, for the Poem-A-Day, and it's been great, something I look forward to finding in my email every morning.

As part of Caleb's Cambridge experience, I'm also following along with this guy who posts Dalai Lama quotes from his book about happiness, chooses a popular song to go with the sentiment, and then tells about the philosophical underpinnings of his choice.

I was also following a daily art exercise from Lilly's elementary school which was Great, but it's over now.
Click HERE and all the pictures in this chapter will get big.


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