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'03 December
Photo! Photo!
'03 November
Including: One of my all time favorite sets - Olvera Street during Day of the Dead, Angela's aunt's 50th, some Mom, and More!
'03 October
Including: William's retirement party, Welcome to ElAey with stops at trendy Melrose and the Promenade, a lot of Sandy and Nancy, more people pix, Century City, and More!
'03 September
Including: Little houses in Long Beach, Windy's We-Are-ARTISTS birthday party, Sandy's first art show, first effots at a cut out, and More!
'03 August
Including: Richard and Emilia's wedding, The Kids, the Theatricum Botanica and More!
'03 Jul: Cruzin' with the Kids
Christa and Caleb and a Crystal Cruise.
'03 Jun: P&G Wild Animal Park! etc.
Paul and Gretchen - a stop in La Jolla and then the Wild Animal Park PHoto PHaux saPHari, PHun. (Waay too bad about the disastrous color.)
'03 July
Including: Fourth of July, 'on the patio of a newest West Hollywood 'uber trendy yet Michelin serious' French restaurant', some work pix, an artsy walk around Culver City, looking for a wedding site, and More!
'03 testing B-I-G
Including: taking those d100s and using bigger files for the web.
'03 June (debut of the d100)
Including: Darryl and Angela's engagement!, Joy and San Gabriel Chinatown, Valley Girl shots, Casa del Mar and other restaurant shots for my birthday, my and Christa's birthday beach party, and More!
'03 April, May and early June
Including: Darryl's Little India birthday, a visit of the California/Texas cousins, xo and the dog park, goofy sisters, Mother's Day!, Farmer's Market, Nepenthe's re-christening, serveral Valley Girl shots, Mom, and More!
'03 January, February and March
Including: Angela's Mission San Juan Capistrano birthday, the 22nd Street RV Campground with the Levers, bowling party, Mom's first collapse and family pictures, the Jason era, Bill's marathon, and More!
'02 the Holiday Season
Including: By month in 2001 and 2002.
'02 Aug, Sept, Oct, some Nov.
Including: In the days of random shots of lots of people, a visit to Donmetz, anklets, and More!
'02 June and July
'01 Jan: Honolulu and Molokai
The Brown Family and Molokai.
'01 March, April and May
Including: Many Monday nights, Mother's Day, the Zuckerman's La Jolla Fete, Aquarium Of The Pacific, Darryl's birthday at David's, and More!
'02 January and February
Including: Cynthia's birthday ski trip, Boban et al, Zander's baby shower, The Hump, Superbowl, and More!
'01 the Holiday Season
'01 a few snaps
'00 Gone Digital, December

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Valley Girls
Hi Mama Stara!

Here is the adorable, extended version of The Old Gang ('my valley girls' who still meet every Monday night for potluck and communion) calling out greetings to my mother who never fails to ask after them.

Mama Stara is what Marija and Lujbi call her - that means grandmother in Croatian and is a loving and honored title which mom still remembers and associates with my trip back-home and by extension, with all the Monday Moms.

I say 'Moma Stara, the girls say hi' and this never fails to bring a happy thought to her mind and a lively story for anyone who is around. Ok, so it's always the same story, about how I went missing somewhere between Milan and Ogulin and the flurry of phone calls with Marija in Croatia and what with the war and all, Where the Heck is Penny?!? (...enjoying Zagreb, which I Thought you knew...). It still gives her pleasure with every telling.
Darryl Angela
Here we are setting up the data center at Darryl and Angela's place. First I basically have abandoned all hopes of mastering modern technology and when I want/need/Have-to-have something cool I just ask Darryl and then he makes it for me Right Then. You should be so lucky!

Which reminds me, when I was flying to Vancouver with Christa and Caleb I needed a nine year old to show me how to turn off the ringer on a cell phone.

I think of it and then he does it. How cool is That. Angela took this picture with my camera - I erased a few of my extra chins.
Santa Monica Life
Apparently I'm still goofin' it up...
Darryl Angela Cynthia self-portrait
Photo complements of Angela - here we are after having enjoyed CC's yummy dinner and several rip-rousing rounds of Taboo. Angela to Darryl: 'So remember that time...' Darryl: 'Museum.' Darryl to Angela: 'We were going to go...' Angela: 'Potholder.' They know each other awfully well!

Check out Angela's ring!
Lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Fortunately I carry my camera e-ver-y where and won't miss such a shot. I'm waiting for my Pulitzer moment. This probably isn't it.

...just out the door. Vaya con dios - go with God.

A neighborhood walk with Nancy before we could act on the real goal which was to pick up a wholesome low cal and delicious dinner at Whole Foods. I did manage to avoid the cookies for a few hours anyway.


I wonder what it's like inside that house.

Richard and Emilia's Wedding, and a warm and welcome gathering of the school days crowd. Everyone agreed, these times are rare and tough to put together and more welcome than ever. And 'why don't we do this more often?'.

I have to use this picture instead of one that isn't fuzzy because in the other one I've got, two of these people, and I won't say who you are, you would not like it, you would not like it big time...

The First Dance (awhhh), a teeny clip of a picture from all the way in the very back of the room.

A bit too Art-sy Fart-sy I'm afraid, like I used to do back in the olden days, not for wanting to necessarily, but for messing up the negative in the camera or in the darkroom. I still like this kind of look though. Here's a reminder, maybe I'll see about scanning in some professional shots just for-the-record.

Women in pearls. Of course we did look faaabulous but Emilia totally won in the looking fabulous department. She was the storybook bride of a grown-up girl's wedding.

Completely happy!

If you know these people, no explanation is necessary and if you don't, no explanation will suffice...

That afternoon I enjoyed a few hours at Gideon's birthday. It was so hot out in Northridge that L*I*terally I could feel my body temperature rising so dangerously I feared my blood would boil up through the pours of my skin.

Steven is really struggling with his health which of course is a challange for Celina too and with actually no end in sight. Think encouraging thoughts for them.

Over for dinner at D&A's place then a walk down to The Boulevard for gelato. Darryl made a tofu stroganoff that was so entirely delicious, really, it is true, it was as-good-as-any and you-won't-miss-the-meat, and that's going a mile or two!

At Mom's to give her her reflexology treatment. Lona and Hartley happened to be around too and Windy, poor heart, had just been to the dentist for multiple teeth treatments. 'Ahhh, uh oh, ummm, I think we have to take care of that other tooth while we're in here...'. Windy, smiling weakly, replies 'More Gas'.

Hana and Tai took me to dinner at a new place I'd never been and it was Great!

It seems that Sandy's painting project has got me all wound up about taking pictures of cute little houses.

more. And no doubt more to come...

Here it is Monday morning and I can't get myself to leave the house until I do up Sunday's pictures - like Sunday isn't over yet and life can't go on. I never considered myself obsessive but this is getting weird!

Those of my acquaintance who were available and willing to come out on a Sunday afternoon to sit in the heat and sun on wooden benches and watch a production (full-length I should add...) of King Lear. Andrew, Christopher, Brian, Merlyn, Hilda, Nancy, Roger, Burt, Charlene, Alex, Carol, Darryl, Angela.

The pre-show entertainment. This location is killer-fab-o-cool and the group that makes it all happen do it for love. It's a highlight. It makes you glad to be alive. It makes you know how privledged and blessed we are to have such opportunity. Wow, I should go more often!

After the play we went to dinner at the ever so New Age you are what you eat Inn of the Seventh Ray, where we could eat food that was high on the esoteric vibration scale. Really.

They had a separate menu of 'live food' meaning vegan preparations mostly. After the waiter's comment about 'live food' I missed his next several sentences, my mind trying to process how it was they could be serving 'live food' before the concept became clear. On the regular menu the dishes were listed in order of the food's placement on the esoteric vibration scale. Tofu, number one. Roast lamb, so last.

It really was very beautiful - the location, the table service and decor, the wait staff - all very well done. But if you want to raise the level of your esoteric vibrations, expect to pay up!
Marsha Van Valkenburg Hana Saito
Hana and Marsha, our outing to the Hollywood Bowl. Marsha got hand-me-down tickets and Hana was able to come at the last minute (and with no notice at all she arrived with wine, glasses and an opener, cheese, bread, fruit - a feast!).
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