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'03 December
Photo! Photo!
'03 November
Including: One of my all time favorite sets - Olvera Street during Day of the Dead, Angela's aunt's 50th, some Mom, and More!
'03 October
Including: William's retirement party, Welcome to ElAey with stops at trendy Melrose and the Promenade, a lot of Sandy and Nancy, more people pix, Century City, and More!
'03 September
Including: Little houses in Long Beach, Windy's We-Are-ARTISTS birthday party, Sandy's first art show, first effots at a cut out, and More!
'03 August
Including: Richard and Emilia's wedding, The Kids, the Theatricum Botanica and More!
'03 Jul: Cruzin' with the Kids
Christa and Caleb and a Crystal Cruise.
'03 Jun: P&G Wild Animal Park! etc.
Paul and Gretchen - a stop in La Jolla and then the Wild Animal Park PHoto PHaux saPHari, PHun. (Waay too bad about the disastrous color.)
'03 July
Including: Fourth of July, 'on the patio of a newest West Hollywood 'uber trendy yet Michelin serious' French restaurant', some work pix, an artsy walk around Culver City, looking for a wedding site, and More!
'03 testing B-I-G
Including: taking those d100s and using bigger files for the web.
'03 June (debut of the d100)
Including: Darryl and Angela's engagement!, Joy and San Gabriel Chinatown, Valley Girl shots, Casa del Mar and other restaurant shots for my birthday, my and Christa's birthday beach party, and More!
'03 April, May and early June
Including: Darryl's Little India birthday, a visit of the California/Texas cousins, xo and the dog park, goofy sisters, Mother's Day!, Farmer's Market, Nepenthe's re-christening, serveral Valley Girl shots, Mom, and More!
'03 January, February and March
Including: Angela's Mission San Juan Capistrano birthday, the 22nd Street RV Campground with the Levers, bowling party, Mom's first collapse and family pictures, the Jason era, Bill's marathon, and More!
'02 the Holiday Season
Including: By month in 2001 and 2002.
'02 Aug, Sept, Oct, some Nov.
Including: In the days of random shots of lots of people, a visit to Donmetz, anklets, and More!
'02 June and July
'01 Jan: Honolulu and Molokai
The Brown Family and Molokai.
'01 March, April and May
Including: Many Monday nights, Mother's Day, the Zuckerman's La Jolla Fete, Aquarium Of The Pacific, Darryl's birthday at David's, and More!
'02 January and February
Including: Cynthia's birthday ski trip, Boban et al, Zander's baby shower, The Hump, Superbowl, and More!
'01 the Holiday Season
'01 a few snaps
'00 Gone Digital, December

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A business trip isn't over until you've done one fun thing. In Florida, that can mean gators.

See the little babies.

Hi Mom!

This is a state park and the walking path is literally right here. Were they gathered together there would be, like, Herds of alligators. Why I wondered, and sought out the Ranger to ask, why don't the alligators eat the children? As it turns out, sometimes they do.

At Richards youngest son's Bar Mitzvah. Richard and the kids played a set and then the old gang ROCKED. Stu, Bob and Richard.

Shira and Grandad.

Desda's mom and Bob's mom.

(I need to get the details from Bob...)

Tai and Hana.

Nick and his sweet daughter. This was a going-away party at Hama Sushi where they serve cold sake from huge longnecked containers that reach across the long tables and every hipster in Venice is crowded five deep at the bar or grouped into every bit of floor waiting for their turn.

Home Made Sushi. Only a little scarry.

My UCLA Japanese class, sensei in the middle on the couch. Kon nichi wa!

Me and Marilyn taken by a ciao-bella Italian waiter.
Will Rogers Historic State Park
I just love going to Will Rogers State Park during polo season!

Michael, Ben and Bonnie doing the traditional after polo hike.

Bill and his college roommate.

Cheryl's dad's Big Birthday Fiesta. With my new hair, I fit right in, like a native.

Tommy's Birthday Party. Tom, Kelly, Nicky, some kid, Ljubica, Marija, Marsha.

Original walls at San Juan Capistrano.

I love this outing - pick up the train at Union Station, clickity-clack along the scenic California coast, get off at Capistrano and enjoy walking around the totally delightful town, get cul-tra-fied at the mission, eat, drink and be merry and train it back without a moment's aggravation.

Don't miss it! Take anyone who hasn't done it and you can be a champ.

The mission church at San Juan Capistrano.

Hana and bougainvillea at the Capistrano train station.

I just can't resist Santa Monica Palm Trees.

Sandy at the beach.

We drove up the coast, paid for parking at a place I forget the name of... it was a trying-to-be-private beach but if you paid for parking you could use the facilities. This made the area quiet and a bit hoity toity, just like we like.

Another too dark shot. It was a learning experience. I was struggling the whole time with various error messages and the camera hanging up for no reason I could discern only to discover after it was all over that the meter was set wrong...

We Love technology but she can be a frightful mistress.

Women taking the sun. Clockwise from the front: Marsha, Marija, Ljubica, me, Becky, Lourdes.

Now here is a story facinating to all who knew her. Jan Dubois, returned. More to follow.

Kneeling: Carole, Emilia, Bonny. Standing: Richard, Desda, Bob, Jan, me, Bob, Ben.

Burt and Charlene having a picnic at The Will Geer Theatre. This place, up in Topanga, is so totally cool. As well as the picnic grounds, they offers great theater throughout the summer in a fabulous open arena. The players are mostly amature with a few Hollywood names thrown in because why not. The production and direction is first rate.

We have all been recommending it wildly.

xo! He's got it!

Becky and Marsha singing at Alicia's wedding reception. At our table, we kept sending the guys off to scavange more wine. This picture kind of tells the tale.

My next door neighbor Margaret, the flying WWII WASP, fixing my door. 'Here honey,' she says, 'let me take care of that for you.'

And when you're using screws, rub a bar of soap over the ridges before you go into the wood.

Steve, Celina and Gideon.

Mary Ann's wedding shower. The kids: Susan's neighbor's girl, Coleen, a neighbor boy. Seated: some chick, Mary Ann, Chelsea. Standing: a woman we don't know, another woman we don't know, Susan, Karen the bride's maid, Barbara.

The ones we don't know are these - the neighbor to the side, the neighbor to the back and somebody else.
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