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'03 December
Photo! Photo!
'03 November
Including: One of my all time favorite sets - Olvera Street during Day of the Dead, Angela's aunt's 50th, some Mom, and More!
'03 October
Including: William's retirement party, Welcome to ElAey with stops at trendy Melrose and the Promenade, a lot of Sandy and Nancy, more people pix, Century City, and More!
'03 September
Including: Little houses in Long Beach, Windy's We-Are-ARTISTS birthday party, Sandy's first art show, first effots at a cut out, and More!
'03 August
Including: Richard and Emilia's wedding, The Kids, the Theatricum Botanica and More!
'03 Jul: Cruzin' with the Kids
Christa and Caleb and a Crystal Cruise.
'03 Jun: P&G Wild Animal Park! etc.
Paul and Gretchen - a stop in La Jolla and then the Wild Animal Park PHoto PHaux saPHari, PHun. (Waay too bad about the disastrous color.)
'03 July
Including: Fourth of July, 'on the patio of a newest West Hollywood 'uber trendy yet Michelin serious' French restaurant', some work pix, an artsy walk around Culver City, looking for a wedding site, and More!
'03 testing B-I-G
Including: taking those d100s and using bigger files for the web.
'03 June (debut of the d100)
Including: Darryl and Angela's engagement!, Joy and San Gabriel Chinatown, Valley Girl shots, Casa del Mar and other restaurant shots for my birthday, my and Christa's birthday beach party, and More!
'03 April, May and early June
Including: Darryl's Little India birthday, a visit of the California/Texas cousins, xo and the dog park, goofy sisters, Mother's Day!, Farmer's Market, Nepenthe's re-christening, serveral Valley Girl shots, Mom, and More!
'03 January, February and March
Including: Angela's Mission San Juan Capistrano birthday, the 22nd Street RV Campground with the Levers, bowling party, Mom's first collapse and family pictures, the Jason era, Bill's marathon, and More!
'02 the Holiday Season
Including: By month in 2001 and 2002.
'02 Aug, Sept, Oct, some Nov.
Including: In the days of random shots of lots of people, a visit to Donmetz, anklets, and More!
'02 June and July
'01 Jan: Honolulu and Molokai
The Brown Family and Molokai.
'01 March, April and May
Including: Many Monday nights, Mother's Day, the Zuckerman's La Jolla Fete, Aquarium Of The Pacific, Darryl's birthday at David's, and More!
'02 January and February
Including: Cynthia's birthday ski trip, Boban et al, Zander's baby shower, The Hump, Superbowl, and More!
'01 the Holiday Season
'01 a few snaps
'00 Gone Digital, December

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Messing around with the tripod. Horrifyingly, for several minutes I blanked on how to operate the self timer. Let us recognize the danger here...
Roger Sandy
Roger, Sandy and Nancy were over for dins and a yack.

Ken! Teeth!
Santa Monica Life
Tired of the pier yet? Not me.
David Jones William Campbell
David, 70, and William, 62, re**TIRED. But hey, don't they look just too darn happy? HappyHappyJoyJoy.

Have you not been calculating your own count-down?
Crystal Cruises
Veronika and Yuri. Yuri asked me 'so, how's Veronika doing? Do you like her?'. I replied 'we might like her even more than you do'. He said 'no, that isn't possible'. DingDingDing. A winner! 5-Husband-Points for Yuri. With a young child just starting school, retirement is far from their minds.
Crystal Cruises
Marylou and the youngest, Monica, and the oldest, Michelle, of her five children. Monica, the youngest, is 17. Marylou is in her own kind of retirement count-down!
Crystal Cruises
Bobette has been retired for two years already. And loving it.
Crystal Cruises
Bill, who announced that we would be having his retirement party in 8 years 10 months and 22 days. Bernie, who is 40 years younger than David will be paying our Social Security.
Crystal Cruises
Alex and Mirah. They took retirement first and working second, having already been around-the-world and a year off here and there. I'm wondering if doing it this way will defer one's retirement on the other end. We'll have to keep track!
Crystal Cruises
The Family Oziel. Sweet as sugar candy with no retirement in sight.
Crystal Cruises
Bill just started a few weeks ago so he doesn't get to Mention retirement.
Melrose Ave
Windy has Alan's daughter here from Texas for several days and they have been on a whirlwind tour of Southern California. I played tour-guide Sunday afternoon. First we did a stroll down Rodeo Drive and then I took them to Melrose, for a change of pace.

These guys are awfully smiley face themselves considering the show they were enjoying - next picture...
Melrose Ave
Howling angry profane punkers on the roof.
Melrose Ave
That's what his mama is thinking.
Melrose Ave
Melrose Ave
An example of the refurbisments from rundown abandonded buildings into a thriving commercial community. Even edgy, gritty young rebels have to eat.
Melrose Ave
A shop window. The punk-i-fi-cation of Carmen Meranda.
Melrose Ave
Me in a 'pipe' shop. All perfectly legal.
Melrose Ave
Then we drove down Sunset, drove along the coast and up the incline to Santa Monica where we strolled the Promenade.
Melrose Ave
These guys were fab and the crowd responded with cash aplenty.
A walk down to the pier for dinner.
It's so hard to say without equivocation how my mother is doing. In one respect she is doing fine - she isn't in pain, she can get around with help, she can be amused and is loving to her family and friends.

On the other hand her memory is so erratic you can't really have a conversation - just go with her flow. And she can't be left alone at all even for one minute. She has fallen a few times recently (nothing broke, thankfully) and if you turn your back you can find her out the door or rifling through drawers looking for she doesn't know what, or maybe calling Saudi Arabia.

Check out that adorable pixie haircut!
Downtown Los Angeles Crystal Cruises
From the plaza of my building. The second the shutter snapped on this pic the lobby security guy burst out the doors to tell me 'NO no pictures!'. Fine. Ha! I got it already.

That's real fog. I wish the tree was higher in the frame, up by the corner, but, since 'NO no Pictures!' I didn't have a chance to work on it. It'll probably end up gone.
Downtown Los Angeles Crystal Cruises
A clip from a wall to wall mural at a hotel lobby bar nearby work, that I have been admiring for years.
Nancy Donald
Here is another lovely walk 12 minutes by car from my house. As we were driving along PCH to the trailhead on a glorious Saturday afternoon we repeated to each other, humbly, and to think, we live here.

I'll get the directions from Nancy.


A scene from out the side door of the Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas, your splendid dining opportunity presided over by the heads of dozens of dead animals strategically mounted on every Single wall.

'Joanie by Candlelight'. Another title could be 'Champagne Cocktail'.
Dale Gordon Joan Sullivan Bill McGovern
I didn't take this picture. Some guy at the restaurant did. You'd think a camera as perfect as the d100 would be incapable of such a shot. Except that I had it set for 'fill flash' and so it is my fault and the guy And the camera are innocent.

I cut myself out of it.

And I can do that because it's my website, yes - although Bill's coat does look plenty dang FunKeY - I might put myself back in. We'll see. You guys all look cute though, festive actually despite the fill-flashed-foto and the funky coat.
Me at Marsha's candle party. This is it for pictures.
David Jones
David and Schatzi who are, in less than one month, moving to a seaside apartment in Ventura, right on the walkpath that edges the sand that meets the sea. Cool!
Sandy Chaves Nancy Donald
Sandy and Nancy as we've gathered for Sandy's birthday outing.
Afternoon Tea at the Bel-Air Hotel for lovely ladies who lunch.
Nancy Donald
Sandy Chaves
and Sandy.
Sandy Chaves Nancy Donald self portrait
That's us.
Sandy Chaves Nancy Donald self portrait
This picture cracks me up. Without the least subtlety our individual World Face is right out there, pure and without intention, and it seems to me like one of those Girl Groups with 'one of each' - whatever those are. I can't stop looking at it.
Bell-Air Hotel
The stroll around the grounds at the Bel-Air Hotel.
Bell-Air Hotel
Along the creek...
Bell-Air Hotel

In front of the neighbor's door that leads down the walkway leading to R&S's place.
Roger Eaton
Roger doing his hour-and-a-half-twice-a-week constitutional. The tree hedge is coming in nicely.

Monday Night... And the chick in the crown? That's Maryanne, the Birthday Girl.

This is the only picture from a long and pleasant Saturday. Windy slept over on Friday night and on Saturday first off, we went shopping. We bought cool shorts and funky shirts at the Salvation Army. Then we went up to Chico's for some more traditional wear. So far so good.

Then we were just going to stroll around Montana for a while. We bought coffee. We sat outside Starbucks to enjoy our coffee. That's where these birds come in. You can just guess from there, but suffice to say it was a good thing we had some new shirts.

Angela came with us to see the very wonderful Pieces of April. We ate over at D&A's and were in bed by 10.

I have made great strides in solving my close-up dilemma. How to make close-up pictures without a new lens? Using the tripod is the answer. It was sunset, the light very dim and low in the sky, when I took these pictures, just to test the situation at its potentially most difficult. Very fun!
A clip from the above. The focus point could be better but the colors are nice. At least there is a focus point and the rest of the picture is fuzzy because of the long lens and low light instead of the whole thing being fuzzy because of the-shakes.
More from a different stalk on the same plant.
Downtown Los Angeles Crystal Cruises
Fire! A view out my window at work.
Valley Girls
Happy Birthday Ruthie! Maxine, you are the bomb!! And BOO to you too.

Dress-up around the office. Barbara asked me to take this picture so she could send it to American Airlines.
Leslie Ruff
Leslie, here for business, and a chance to hang out for a few hours between the exigencies of The Law.
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