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'18-'19 Saint Paul, MN
It's a White Christmas for me and Cynthia!
'17-'18 Saint Paul, MN
Last week in December and first week in January. Mostly KAI! Also a few days in August, another visit in September, and yes, mostly KAI.
'18 Aug: Austin, Texas
Windy and Darnelle and Travis and family. It's 100 degrees up in here.
'17 Aug and '07 May: Kansas City
2007 With Ken and Bill and Cheryl. What's there to do in KC? I'll let you know!

2017 AND THEN The Total Eclipse Of The SUN!
'16 Jun: Saint Paul, MN, and points Beyond
At home and a visit to Madison and The LAKE!
'13 Oct: Saint Paul, MN, and Lake Superior
The Kids!
'12 June Wedded Bliss!
Midwest Guy meets West Coast Girl.
'11 Feb: St Paul, MN, and Ely
With Cynthia for her birthday and to meet Mike and Kieran, and to go Ice Fishing!
'09 Nov: Wisconsin
With Cynthia for Thanksgiving, giving Thanks.
'09 Jun: Wisconsin
Oat and Aboat dun'cha kno yah, over dair hey, in dah Badger State with Cynthia, and Mark our local guide to all things Wisconsin.
'08 Oct: Minneapolis-St Paul
With Leigh, and Garrison Keillor!

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December 23, 2018

I've been here for a couple of days already and basically hung around the house since I was STILL not feeling 100%, but this morning I was ready to Go Out.

From the back porch, that's Cynthia and Kai having a walk in the new snow.

Oh Kai, Kai, what an adorable guy.

I was even able to make the dog park outing today. It was 25, downright balmy compared to last winter's visit when the high was often 0.

There was a nice crowd out and all the dogs were in dog park heaven. The people were standing around visiting like the good sports they are.

Note the arrow in the lower left. Kai likes to run out to join one of the racing packs of big dogs and when he's ready for a break he bolts for the legs of the nearest people who without exception go AWWWW and bend down to pet him.

We have been cooking every meal here in Cynthia's new and FABulous kitchen.

From bare walls she made the design and every choice. What a splendid kitchen and what a good time we're having!


And here's the stove side, lookin' good! Different day, different color, and it's all good.

My bedroom! That's pretty wow, right?!

From the bed looking to the closet and then out the door, kitchen to the far right, bathroom to the right, and dining room-living room-second bedroom straight ahead.

Pictures of the dining room-living room-second bedroom coming soon.

We needed a bit of this and that at the grocery store for all that cooking so we went to the very excellent Kowalski's where Santa too was picking up a few things. Ho ho ho!

December 24, 2018

Cynthia! and Kai! YAY!! Kai was good for three clicks and then he needed to take a break. We took maybe 15 pictures, 3 pictures 5 times and he looked absolutely exactly the same in every one of them. He'd look at me just like this, and then we'd click-click-click and without variation Kai at the third click he'd be OUTTA here.

I'm standing in the door that separates the kitchen-back bedroom-bathroom behind me (pictures yesterday) from the dining room-living room-front bedroom in front of me.

Look at all those windows!

From the living room looking into the dining room...

...the wonderful 1900 built-ins with leaded glass.

The door on the far left is the front door, next to it is the coat closet next to that is more of the so-cool leaded built-ins.

In the living room with the front bedroom to the left and the front door to the right.

Me sitting in my chair, looking to the panel of windows in the front bedroom at the street side of the house. From here I can turn my head to the left for the panel of windows in the living room, and then further to the left for the panel of windows in the dining room. So many windows, and all this light is a real blessing.

Cynthia couldn't resist giving Kai one of his presents early and he looooved it.

Look! Quick! The blue is here...let's hit the dog park!

We went to a new dog park, just to check it out. There were fewer dogs but the place did have a nice feeling...

...and Kai finds friends wherever he goes.

Ahhh, pedicure, how lovely.

We had a yummy dinner of leftovers while we watched a nice Christmas show...and then we had cookies and tea!

December 25, 2018

Oh wow, Santa came to town! We all got a great load of treats...

...even Kai, who opened all his packages all by himself!

Cynthia made scrumptious Eggs Benedict for brunch and then we ordered Chinese food for dinner, as is the way.

Look what Santa brought, all snug in their hand-made stocking.

A neat-o coin purse, two nylon packing and laundry bags, yummy dark chocolate salted caramels, classic Pockys, a cool watercolor desktop succulent calendar, a bent and straight washable straw, toothpicks for the permanent food catcher in my mouth, an emersion blender that I've been wanting and that is on its way to my house, and a choice of dinner at the restaurant of my choice. Wow, right?!

December 26, 2018

Kai was always going to be super-small for his breed, Cynthia knew that when she got him, but check it out, that's Bodhi, Kieran's full-sized Mini Australian Shepherd.

Kai has the same weight as a Toy Australian Shepherd but he has papers and both his parents are the size of Bodhi.

And that's Kieran, almost 16, sweet and helpful and big-hearted as ever he was.

The really really big next-door dogs.

Around 8pm, here are pictures looking out the front windows.

Snow...and there should be more too.

Cynthia's downstairs neighbor walking her dog.

December 27, 2018

We went to a store that specializes in making orthotics to get a new set for Cynthia. Here's their store dog, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

Tolling is the right word 'the name "toller" is derived from their ability to lure waterfowl within gunshot range.' 'The definition of the term tolling derives from the Middle English word "tollen" which means to draw or entice.'

We visited the Minneapolis Institute of Art to see a big traveling exhibit called Egypt’s Sunken Cities with objects from the recently discovered Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus.


The cities were occupied by all three cultures so no wonder all the temples and sacred figures are confusing.

He's big.

Then we had dinner at a cool ramen place as one of my Christmas presents from Cynthia. It was fun, and it snowed too which was exciting.
Click HERE and all the pictures in this chapter will get big.


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