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Gran'ma's Photos
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Mom with her father, mother, and brother.

Some oldies but goodies.


sometime in 1948

At the beach in San Francisco. We lived across the street. And that cute little girl would be Me!

summer 1949(?)

After me and before Windy, probably during a summer trip to Illinois, in Matching Dresses.

July 14, 1964

Bharti and little Amito, Mom's first (of many) Indian grandbabies.

Christmas 1966

At your service!

If you ever visited the Windsor house you know this scene well.

At Dr Jerian's...Mom's once a week job making a little money to give away to her missionaries. I think she started when Lona was gone, I was in High School and Windy was younger? I don't remember exactly. She did this job for several years.

Christmas 1969

Lovin' the glasses, and the misshapen Christmas tree with all the tinsel aimed to evening out the thing.

April 1969

Gran'ma with baby Darryl.

mid 1969

Gran'pa, Gran'ma, and Darryl.

At Lona and Hartley's place, with Darryl and Trevor.

Christmas 1970


Lookin' good.

Mommie and her girls - Lona, Windy, and Penny.

October 1980

In Texas at Windy's place with grandson Travis. Is she having fun or What.

I think this would be some time in the '80s since I was already at Princess Cruises - Mom took Grandma Rose through the Panama Canal and they had f.u.n.

January 1988

Mom's 70th birthday. Happy Birthday Mom!

Trevor and Beth's Wedding. Lucas, Trevor, Darryl, Beth, Gran'ma.

What was this occasion?

At Cynthia's game.

March 1993

Gran'ma and her grandbabies! From the left Windy's sons Travis and Lucas, Lona's son Trevor, and Penny's kids Cynthia and Darryl.

May 1995

Mom always said she was never happier than during her years with Ed and Betty.

March 2001

February 2002

Rupa sent silver anklets for all the girls!

February 2003

Getting ready for an overnight test after what I think might have been her first tia episode.

April 2003

Mom, having developed a taste for Starbucks.

Mom in front of the works painted and sent to her by an English suitor.

October 2004

A visit up north. Riki, Mom, Penny, Phyllis, Windy.

January 2005

Happy Birthday!

Birthday Noses and the girls.

January 2006

Happy Birthday! 88 and Still Great!

Mom says 'she's MY GREAT Grandbaby!' Kaitlin, Mom, Darryl, Angela.

Mother's Day 2006

All those bracelets have the names and birth stones of her children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She was having a good day!

Mom and her daughters, Lona, Windy, and Penny.

July 2006

Mom and Geri McCall

September 2006

It's Windy's birthday and we are all gathered around MOM because she is the center of the universe. Windy, Penny, Lona, Hartley, Rupa, Flor.

Rupa here for a nice long visit.

Mom and her cute-as-pie Doctor Ashley.

October 2006

The motion we use to indicate that Mom is the center of the universe and we merely rotate in her orbit. Trevor, Christa, Beth, Caleb, Hartley, Lona, Geraldine, Charis, Mom.

January 2007

Happy Birthday! Do you know how long it takes to be 90?

Happy Birthday!
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