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'17 November
Giving thanks.
'17 October
'17 September
Home a lot, plus the amazing Yosemite.

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the Total Eclipse of the SUN.
'17 August
'17 June
Here for one week+ and then Bon Voyage.
'17 May
Five weeks home between trips. My house makes me smile.

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Kauai and The Big Island.
'17 March
Last month home before my 'Travel Season' kicks in.
'17 February
Hearts and roses.
'17 January
Here I go, rapidly closing in on SEVENTY YEARS OLD. SEVENTY.

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November 20

Sharon and I went to check out the new configuration at the Century City Mall. Since the Westside Pavilion is going to close soon, I decided to like it. It's fine, there's a big Cineplex, and about the same distance from home, so ok.

November 19

The orange tree lit for... new tenant and a friend of hers who were looking through all the old film cameras they had both collected from family and friends. The question was where to get that film developed.

November 19

I spoiled all the pictures with Hilda. Too bad. Hilda and Merlyn came over and we cooked a Persian Dinner of Fattoush Salad, Fresh Herb Khoresh, and Persian rice perfection. Kathleen from across the street came for the meal.

I also had to run the hand mixer twice, once for the Pavlova and once for the whipped cream that went on top. I discovered that if I stand on that stool I make a much smaller mess. Standing on the stool meant I so very tall I could keep the mixer straight in the bowl.

Then I noticed I was still shorter than Merlyn!


Here is Pavlova with whipped cream and Persian cherries. When I make Pavlova again I'm going to make it exactly like this one. Let's see if it comes out the same.


November 18

Kieran and Kai having a happy tete-a-tete.


November 11-17 .. I missed a whole week!

I had lunch with Boban and it was delightful to catch up, as always. Thanks for coming out!

I got this picture from Boban back in 2005. Now Jordan is going to college and the younger one, Cheyenne, is in the 7th grade. Cheyenne is several months older than Kaitlin but still now 12. Kaitlin is 12. I had forgotten how close they were in age. How could I possibly forget that?! It's only been 12 years.

While Lilly was at dance class Kaitlin and I took a quick buzz around the Redondo Beach Pier. One of these days I need to just sit here and wait for some cool silhouettes.

Mine! Mine!

I went early to Monday potluck at Ann's and we practiced Cuban Motion from a video she made of her teacher. It was good fun and I hope we do it again.

Lona's had a vacancy and we've been putting ads all over town.

One day she was taking selfies in a mirror because she liked how her hair came out that day and she wanted a picture for her funeral. This is not the one!

I said Good Idea I want a picture for my funeral too. So I looked at old pictures of myself. I might have to give up on growing my hair into a ponytail. I want my curls back!

A view from my front porch As It Was...mostly...

I also had a walk on the track at Pepperdine and one of my favorite lunches at The Reel with Sharon. And I went swimming with Kathleen at SMC. I don't remember what else happened this week because I don't have a picture!

Ah! and I also had two big plans fall through which contributes to the shortage of pictures.

November 10

A visit to Bergamot Station where the galleries are beginning a migration to other locations. I think there isn't a plan yet for the property but redevelopment is inevitable.
November 9

Happy Birthday Susie! We had a kickin' downtown day.

First stop: MOCA...

...where we were both nuts for their Pacific Standard Time offering, a comprehensive retrospective of the work of Anna Maria Maiolino.

Anna Maria Maiolino, never heard of her before and love her now.

(moca pic)

They had a ton of Rothko's large canvases out, a big room full of them. It was awesome to see so many at once.

We walked on to PYT for a delicious lunch, then we did the walk-walk-walk through The Last Bookstore and finally...

...we swung by the LA Main Library to see the PST murals that were exciting again. Thanks Susie, it was Great!

November 7

From Kaitlin's phone. Among the many little delights of today we went around the block to take these pictures, one from my seat...

...and one from Kaitlin's.


November 6

In amazon prime video you can watch all the seasons of Six Feet Under, which I stumbled upon this morning and clicked Season 1 Episode 1 just for a reminder of what it was like.

It's so good. I'm now on episode 7 and this might become a problem.

Evening update: ok, after 10 or so episodes I'm pretty done for now. Maybe I'll watch more next year.

November 5

Lill and I went to Palos Verdes today to kick around and snap some pics. It was a gorgeous day, cool, bright, and fresh.

Looking down to Pelican Cove from the picture above.

Birds taking themselves a break.

Point Vicente Lighthouse.

On the grounds of the very interesting Point Vicente Interpretive Center.

We enjoyed a yummy lunch at the always welcoming Nelson's, Terranea's Oceanfront Café...

...and here's one of the many most excellent palms that surround the property.

Then a quick swing by the Wayfarer's Chapel, and then back home.

Lill drove, thank you - that splendid Palos Verdes is not so far as the crow flies but it knows no freeway and can take an hour or more one way even on the weekend.

November 4

Sorry Louise, not the best picture but you're too adorable to miss! Marija, Ljubica, and I went out to Palmdale to visit with my Northridge next door neighbor Louise and a grand time was had by all.

November 3

That's Sharon back there by the fence taking in the sights and smells of a beautiful day in Palisades Park.

November 1

I went to water aerobics at Santa Monica College with Kathleen from across the street. We came back to my place to watch the last innings of the Dodger game on a borrowed TV, In My House. It was the first actual program I've watched on TV here. Ok ok, I might have to get a tv.

It'll need to go on the wall because there is just no room for a stand. I suppose I could keep doing this.
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