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'20 April
Stayin' at home..Stayin' at home Ha Ha Ha Ha Stayin' at hooo-oh-oh-oh Stayin' at home.
'20 March
Greetings Spring...and the containment begins, start date: March 16.
'20 February
'20 January
Goodbye 2019. Here's hoping for some peace and quiet..if you know what I mean...

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April 6

Day 1 Week 4. Yikes!

I e-visited with a colleague from my old cruise ship days who had moved to Florida. Miami/Ft. Lauderdale is feeling it particularly as the home base for so many cruise ships. She said there are usually 7 out there that she can see from her balcony.

Cruise ships: vacation paradise or petri dish of infections?

Another Monday Night Cocktail Hour. We've done it a few times and it's good fun, this is the first time I remembered to take a screen shot. We are nine in total and here are the six who made it to the Houseparty.

Lourdes, Becky, Alicia, Marsha, Ann, me
April 5

Happy HAPPY Birthday! I got to call in with the fam on Houseparty, it was FUN, like a party! 'Blowing out the birthday candles' in the time of coronavirus. Thanks for the photos Angela.


A few hours later I was on another call, Zoom this time, with a group Hilda organized to hear Sholeh Wolpé talk about her translation of The Conference of the Birds, a classical Persian poem by the Sufi poet Attar.

It was very interesting to hear her vision and for her to take questions, and it all went very smoothly. Good job Hilda!

Then I talked to Rupa and Anil in India on WhatsApp and they sent this picture of their handsome dog Sheru. They are hoping to re-open their factory on April 15th and I'll hope along with them.


I've been writing some back and forth with Yas in Japan and Michael in Sarasota, colleagues from the Really way back days at my first computer job.

Since I was bemoaning my cancelled trip to New York and that I wouldn't get to do Hanami again this year, Yas sent several pictures from a spot near his home.

April 4

I know this doesn't look cheerful on the face of it but for me it is Fabulous. This represents hours and hours over days and weeks of shuffling things around.

In order to keep my house neat everything not in use ends up out here. So miscellaneous everything gets piled up without a real home.

And my method of tidying - pick it up put it away - only works when there is an 'away' to put it. This is a vast improvement from January BUT...

...there's still this.

I have three weeks to muddle along before the first chance to get back to real life, so Fingers Crossed for me.

A place for everything and everything in its place! Which doesn't mean just chucking 'things' in the garage or the studio...

April 3

When I opened the front door this morning at 5am the moist, fresh, and sea-foam-fragrant pre-dawn air swirled around me and I thought, oh wow this is so great, what a delicious smell, so I don't have the corona.

Later in the morning I went to the garage and passing the orange tree, a soft breeze brought that intoxicating aroma of an orange blossom cloud.

So I decided while strolling around the block this afternoon I'd take some pictures of the smells.

There are three different kinds of lavender on the block, and my next door neighbor grows a spectacular wall of jasmine on the fence between our front yards.

Everyone's got rosemary because it grows like a weed and geraniums of many types.

And roses. Such heady-smelling roses.

April 2

Old People's Hour at Trader Joe's. There was a line, it took only a few minutes to get in to the store, mostly empty of people and entirely stocked with food. So much food.

Everything I usually get was there with the exception of whole wheat fusilli pasta. There was tons of pasta, just not that particular flavor. Dried food, frozen food, fresh food, it was all there. I saw people going out with paper goods but they were gone by the time I got in at 8:45, not that I need anything.

These are oranges from my tree, and kumquats and lemons from Sharon's trees. I picked a few more oranges and took a few hours to make marmalade.

It was so fun, I felt like a Granny out of Little House on the Prairie except...

...I only got this much. That's a two cup bowl. Those prairie folk would not have got far on two cups for a day's work.

April 1

Beginning Monday March 16 I've been out in the car twice, both times to take Sharon to have her eye checked after her torn retina surgery. This time I had to wait in the lobby with zero other people as the office was only allowing the patients in to see the doctor.

Good news! She doesn't have to go back for two months, and she can resume normal activities, such as they are in these end-of-days.
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