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neither here nor there

'05 After Las Vegas and Before Vietnam
Getting ready to go. Missing all those end-of-the-year activities is Too Bad for me! And by the time I get back Kaitlin will be working on her quadratic equations. Why can't I do Everything!?
'05 November
Bon Voyage Lucas and Betsy! Bon Voyage Alex and Carol! Kaitlin(! surprised?), Berkely dinner, Amit, and More.
'05 October
Plenty of Kaitlin of course, baby Lucas, some Halloween, Chuck and Joan, Sandy's birthday and More.
'05 September AK (after Kaitlin)
You're in here...
'05 September BK (before Kaitlin)
Pink! For our sweet baby girl. Windy's BDay at Will Rogers, scenes around town, B&C and the grandboys and More.
'05 the rest of August
A train trip to SB, a train trip to L&B&X&A, a train to visit CC, The Baby Shower(!), Basquiat and More.
'05 July
Swing!, a lot of Bill, a couple of MNs, San Diego, and More.
'05 the beginning of May and the end of June
Check over in the 'Projects' column in CHINA! for the rest of May and June.
'05 April
She's a Girl!, Downtown, House of Blues, one sick puppy, and More.
'05 March
A lot a-lot a the bus, Alex and Carol, XO, the usual suspects, and More.
'05 February
A lot of the bus, a lot of Monday Nights (on the bus!), Nancy, Sharon, murals, and tea, and More.
'05 January
It's a phase...

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Sharon Nancy self-portrait
December 4

High Tea at the Biltmore! Thanks to NA for organizing such a perfect bon voyage and welcome kickoff for the holiday season. The selections, quantity, and quality of the tea, sandwiches, and sweets were all excellent and the setting was gaga.

Sandy, we missed you.
Sharon Nancyself portrait Biltmore Los Angeles
The Biltmore is truly a remarkable place inside and if you are ever in the area help yourself to a wander through the public rooms. And be sure to look UP as the ceilings are a total art project.

(Sharon Parker, Nancy Donald, Nancy Artz)
Margaret Weiss Uni
This cat is so entirely spoiled.

The ladies next door can't be completely sure just what he wants at every possible moment so there is always at least three different things to eat and if he turns up his nose at the buffet they go out and get him something else!

(Margaret 'Pinky' Weiss of the WASP)
What a cat. Nineteen by now I think and still going strong. He is recently engaged in battle with a young opossum who wants to move in but might be thinking better of the idea. Uni must have got some mighty strong genes.
December 2

Pix from a couple of holiday outings which I am going to miss so many of for being gone. I just focus on next year. Next year I'll get to go again.

Marsha and a now-retired x-employee still meeting at their very most favorite lunch spot - Ye Olde King's Head in Santa Monica where they both get the KIng SIzed fish and chips. Mighty cute ritual, and truly exceptional fish and chips (really just the fish part, not so much the chips.)

(Marsha Van Valkenburg)
Tai and Hana Saito self portrait
The Saito's took me out for a real hipster bon voyage lunch at Cafe del Rey. Thank you!

(Tai and Hana Saito (Yasushi and Yasuko Saito)
Becky Brand
November 30

Here we have our own Becky and her son Nathan...


(Becky, Jack, Kelly, and Nathan Brand)
Becky Brand
...dancing at the wedding of her dearest daughter Kelly. Most of the Monday Nighters were there to offer a hearty Mazel Tov to the gorgeous Bride and Groom.

The father of The Bride, Jack, took these photos. Thanks Jack.

Marsha Van Valkenburg
November 29

Marsha's cat Simon (Simon Shoe-ster) can't resist a nice pair of spiky shoes.

Simon is actually the reincarnation of Uni. Uni isn't dead yet, I know, so reincarnation simply must have decided to make an exception here - since there is no disputing they are the same cat in different fur.
Awww, Kaitlin and her dog xo. They will be such friends!
Nancy Donald
Nancy Oh Nancy. We ate the whole thing. That's the key to caviar rapture. It has to be quality, you've got to have enough and pile it high, and you've got to eat it all. Get some good champagne and you're in your own dreams.

baby Lucas
November 27

Baby Lucas! We do adore our grandbabies and this is Sandy's. What a charmer. One day older than gorgeous baby Kaitlin. Do you suppose the grandmothers every now and then find themselves plotting the future?

I've got pix in my camera but I've actually been busy recently. That's odd! Maybe even a little wrong. Retired and too busy to get pictures out of my camera? Whoo, baad.

Mom and her girls
November 25

A Wednesday Thanksgiving at Mom's place and about all she could take. After a couple of hours she announced that this had been swell and we could all go, any time would be fine.
During the getting-ready, Mom needing a nosh.

On Thursday we spent the day getting L&H&C&C ready for their trip to Israel on Friday, mostly me nagging Lona through her paperwork. It was a good thing we had it planned this way since on Thursday L&H still had No Passports! Friday was a scene of cosmic/comic drama but they're off and all is well.

(ps as if I've never said it before, everyone should have a passport. Got one? No? Might as well go get it now. You just never know!)

I then went to Bill and Cheryl's in the evening for dessert and fun. Very lively good fun indeed!
Kaitlin just loooves her Baby Genius Mobile. Of course she does...
On Friday I got to hang out with Cynthia for a while and we went to Chinatown for a late lunch and a drop-off at Union Station.

I ate myself up and down the streets of our own grotty little Chinatown and enjoyed every bite.

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