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December 11

Maryanne made a Chanukah Party for the Monday Nighters cooking all the food her very own self! It took all day. We had matzo ball soup, brisket, kugel, green beans and almonds, and trays of yummy latkes, and cake and coffee for desert. Lucky us!

Which reminds me, as I am reminded every year, many times, about the time we built a menorah out of legos and nearly burnt down the house. And reading the eight Isaac Beshevis Singer Chanukah stories, one each night. And lighting the candles - it's nice.

Chanukah is a nice holiday. I really really wish it was in any other month so that whole gift thing wouldn't pile on with Christmas and confuse the concept and add to the orgy.

When I was a kid I used to get some dimes each night...I've already lost my memory of how that all worked. Oh well.

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