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my Valley Girls
December 18

HoHoHo! Is this not a great hit of fabulous Holiday Cheer!

Here's what Alicia made for our Holiday dinner: turkey, dressing (in the turkey And in a casserole), cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes with cream cheese, gravy, her famous pineapple/yam/marshmallow creation, her famous salad of stirred-up jello/nuts/cranberry/whipped cream/marshmallow/more stuff, green beans and almonds, buttered carrots, homemade rolls, and a giant homemade cake to top it off, just in case anyone was still hungry.

Oh man my grasping claw hand is Buggin'. And you can look right up my shirt into the very depths of my arm pit. (Say I to me: Oh well. Too bad. Everyone else looks great. Get over it.)

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