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Santa Monica Life Kutting Room
December 23

I became cheered out of all proportion by my experience at this hair salon located in an office space behind the Ceragem, where I go for those fabulous free massages.

They call themselves 'the Kutting Room' which I have always read as 'the Knitting Room', from not paying attention and from the really messed-up font they use, and hence never ventured to look inside.

Finally the real name of the place clicked into my consciousness and I went in to ask how much it would cost to get a nice wash. 'Wash and blow dry?' 'No, really, I'd just like to pay you to wash my hair.' So these young stylish Asian haired women chat among themselves for a minute and then one of them says 'com'on, I'll do it for you now, it's a gift, it's Christmas.'

Maybe I was already getting sick because they all seemed so cute and sweet I almost cried.

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