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We took another skyway stroll this time to dinner at a restaurant on the street level of this building - Park Square Court (Previously known as: Noyes Brothers and Cutler Wholesale Druggists Building)

"What started out as a less-than-promising storefront on E. 3rd St. grew with the city of St. Paul to become the largest wholesale drug and medical supply company in the Northwest.

"...In 1889 Noyes Brothers & Cutler moved into their new (and final) building at 6th St. & Sibley St., where they would stay for the next thirty years. Designed by St. Paul architect J. Walter Stevens for $110,000, the five-story building has the Romanesque style which was popular at the time.

"...In 1971-73 the building was converted to retail shops, restaurants and offices and was renamed Park Square Court."

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