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1947, our Year of the Boar.

Remember the old Campanile restaurant? Republique opened in that location in December 2013. This was my first visit to Republique, and definitely not my last. We shared three things and they were all delicious!

I copied this from their website.

It's long..."The building that houses République is both timeless and unique. Built in 1928 by Charlie Chaplin and designed by architect Roy Sheldon Price, it was initially conceived as a mixed-use space -- with shops on the ground floor and office space above -- surrounding an idyllic tiled courtyard. It first became a restaurant in 1989, when Chefs Mark Peel & Nancy Silverton made extensive updates and opened the seminal La Brea Bakery and, six months, later Campanile.

"Campanile closed in 2012, and the building was updated yet again to make way for République...though this time, the primary aim of the design was to strip layers away--down to the original brick, tile and ironwork--and return the space to the airy, open feel of the original construction."

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