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There is an old structure here, the Pineapple Dump. I like to come here so I can say Pineapple Dump. That's me with my hair sticking straight out.

The Pono Pineapple Company of Kapaa built that wooden ramp-like thing so that the detritus from the pineapple processing plant could be easily dumped into the ocean.

I copied this from the Kauai Surf Company:

"During Kauai’s agricultural heyday in the early to mid 1900s, a concrete pier was built by the Pono Pineapple Company of Kapaa to dump unusable portions of pineapples (crowns and skins) into the ocean. ... Occasionally, unfavorable winds and currents pushed the floating debris back to Kapaa, creating a “terrible mess and foul stench” as it washed up on town beaches."

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