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July 10 Hartley became unconscious with what turned out to be a brain bleed. The neuro-surgeons at UCLA concluded that nothing could be done to restore even minimal function. He is on a breathing machine awaiting further decisions.

July 11 the Palliative Care team will be consulting with Lona and Trevor this morning. I went to Forest Lawn and brought back all the info and photos for an informed decision regarding burial, service, and reception.

July 12 Hartley died around 5pm today surrounded by his family who were all praying and singing hymns and telling Hartley how much they loved him. It was perfect.

July 13 The Hawaii family is still here and we spent most of the day working on the funeral, figuring out 'things'. It's like a wedding in that you spend too much because it's worth it for the memory, but you do it in a few days.

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