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August 4

I was a little concerned because all the stuff went in the bag a little too easily. I'll let you know if I forgot that one bulky category of things that weigh 12 pounds.

Getting through the airport was a breeze. I had my boarding pass, I didn't have to check bags, and TSA-Pre was empty at the time. It was walk-walk-walk done.

Then I went to find my gate. I'm sitting there now waiting for the BUS that will take us all to the plane. Warning: LAX is a full-on construction zone. What sent my flight to the far distant tarmac? How do they choose who gets a gate and who doesn't? I'm curious!

Yes, I DID have an empty seat!

I should add that behind me was a mother and two pre-teen girls who could not settle down but rather all three of them banged into the back of my seat for 10 straight hours, unrelentingly. I asked them to stop a couple of times and then I gave up and attempted to just take myself into a trance state...which could have worked a little because now I mostly forget already and will have totally forgotten by Wednesday.

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