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Every block, I come across another building I need to look up.

An update on FOOD. I've been here 3 1/2 days and I've not been disappointed in a single bite. I've had two sit-down meals, first a scrumptious grilled salmon and grilled vegetables luncheon, and second, a Georgian bean dish that was really special with a perfect glass of Georgian wine to go with it.

I've also had two beautiful sandwiches from two different places, both of them bakeries. The bread has been perfect for me, dark and crusty and chewy, and the fillings, one salmon, one roast beef, were perfect. Really, surprisingly excellent.

Then there's the street snacks, and the fruit and veg, and crackers and cheese I got at the market and can keep in the fridge at the hotel/hostel. I'm feeling well nourished and at the same time not piggified so all is going very well on the food front.

Ah, and not to forget the oreshki and the Vodka Museum I already wrote about!

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