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August 11-12

I left St Petersburg at 6:25am for an 8 hour train ride to Tallinn. For half the time I was obsessed with the chant 'what have I done what have I done'. It was not comfortable and I'll leave it at that. Then my seatmate left the train, I put my feet up and promptly fell asleep and all was well.

My phone said "Welcome to Estonia, we're here for you." and then Yandex took me to my hotel, Hestia Hotel Baron, in a heartbeat. Wow.

I have been pronouncing Tallinn wrong in my head for ages. It's TAH-ln, not that other way.

St Petersburg, Russia
Tallinn, Estonia
Riga, Latvia
Vilnius, Lithuania
Minsk, Belarus
Kiruna, Sweden..Lapland, above the Arctic Circle
Umea, Sweden..and travels along the High Coast
Eslov/Malmo, Sweden
Copenhagen, Denmark for my flight home

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