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March 13

I am feeling especially disquieted this morning. Here it is, the last straw, the 'new' shirt that just arrived. has been failing me, personally.

For the last couple months I've been comforted by how easy it is to return items to amazon but now I'm feeling annoyed at having to return so many.

Upon reflection my nasty shirt is not such a big deal, because what's really bothering me is Trump. He is such a pathological liar, lies repeated, his lies taken up by others, I'm feeling rage, not good, and letting the sound of his voice make my head ache and my stomach hurt.

Let's not forget, George W Bush was a bad president (but maybe he wasn't a bad person?). He let liars convince him to act on lies. And just because Trump is a liar beyond memory or imagination (and a terrible Terrible person!), that doesn't make all the other liars in the world ok in comparison.

But this guy? I have to stop now.

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