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March 19

Look at my much older sister Lona, who looks 49, right, and TeeTee who has been a daughter to her for years now. I'm going to copy/paste from Lona's email entitled "Breaking news!".

So the Corona virus is speeding up wedding bells! TeeTee got a call from Michael in London yesterday, Wednesday afternoon. He said with all this sickness going around he did not like TeeTee being in one country and him in another, so he asked her to come to England immediately. She said she would be glad and excited to do that. The only problem was she would not leave me unless she handed me over directly to Trevor and Beth. We called them. They said absolutely, get on the next plane! Well Charis was having a 1 hour layover at LAX today, Thursday, from Charlotte. Beth managed to get me on the same flight so in less than 24 hours arrangements were made and I am now sitting in the airport with Charis waiting for our plane to Hawaii to board.

I will miss TeeTee dreadfully but I know that this is in God's plan and the best thing for her. And because of that I am very very happy. Besides, it'll be fun to be with the Hawaii Browns for a while. No, I I'm not moving there at this time! Because of the Corona virus though, I don't know when I'll be going back to LA. Everything is in flux, as it probably is for you.

Bon Voyage Lo, I'll miss having you both around! And Mazel Tov to TeeTee!!

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