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May 15

Wow, I have four days of not-much to report. I study Spanish from an old textbook for maybe an hour (yo no recuerdo NADA!), I fuss with building this new website for two-three-four hours, I've be lax with the garden because I'm planning to take some things out and put other things in which is Super-Duper-Intimidating, folks eat with me in my backyard one at a time, I've done two trips to the garden center for and eating, that's a big one.

And speaking of the garden center, a rose thorn broke off in my finger and it was so deep I couldn't decide if I should dig it out or not. So I left it and it disappeared into my finger.

That's that I thought. But No. It is now working its way to the surface which I look at 100 times per day because it reminds me of Alien, straining as it is to break free. Only it's in my finger, and it's a thorn.

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