I'm off tomorrow to spend a week with Michi in Mexico. She's thinking of relocating to Mexico and is in Chapala for two months to see how it feels.

The pin points to Chapala, one of the many towns along the coast of the largest lake in Mexico, Lake Chapala. I've put squares around places you might know, to get a feel for the location.

December 7

Muriel and I had lunch and it was yummy. This picture is from 2011 and I put it here because I like it.

Then I got a haircut.

December 6

Sharon fixed me a lovely year end bon voyage early dinner that I also ate for breakfast. And TOFFEE. OMG that TOFFEE. I had a huge square of it to take home and to no one's surprise, least of all mine, it is entirely gone not 24 hours after its arrival in my house.

December 5

Nancy and I enjoyed a morning out at the Farmers Market. We hadn't seen each other in so long we had a Lot to talk about.

Then I had dinner with Merlyn and Hilda which was the joy as ever it is.

Kaitlin Lilly
December 4

This was FUN. There are more too of course and I just could not choose. So...

Kaitlin Lilly
...how about this...

Kaitlin Lilly
...or this...or or or.

December 3

I'm better!

I even did things today, including having breakfast with Kathleen and her new kitten that she got shipped in from Canada because she wanted a Very specific and particular breed of cat.


December 2

I didn't step one foot outside the house for three days. Fortunately by Sunday morning I was well enough to venture forth and enjoy Lilly's performance in Peter Pan.

Lilly played two parts, here a Mermaid...

...and here a Fairy.

She was SO adorable and What a performer.

Angela took this picture of Gary and Liz and Lilly. Awww. It's true, I cut my huge looming huge-headed body out of the picture.



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