October 13

Wow, twice in one week, I'm back to the Getty Center to hear the curator of the Manet exhibit walk a small group through the exhibit.

Katie had tickets and invited lucky me. We met for lunch first. What a view on the way to the café..

..looking up. A little bit of our own Fall in LA.

Katie, the curator, and the woman who organized the tour.

The View, and in the upper far distance..

..my favorites, Walking Flower Fernand Léger (French, 1881 - 1955) , and The Jousters Alexander Calder (American, 1898 - 1976), telephoto from the same spot as the picture above.

I haven't done one of these in a while.

October 11-12

A tooo fun 24 hours with Nancy in Santa Barbara. I learned about the garden from Jim, we had a walk at the beach, and then we enjoyed a delightful dinner with Nancy's friend Joan.

The next morning Nancy's sister's husband's sister came over for brunch. Angela, what a winner! Photobomb by Jim.


Enjoying the garden, Jim's goal being to create the feeling of an English garden (winding paths and surprises around the corner) with drought tolerant plantings and we all agree, Thumbs Up!

October 9

I met Marsha and Jordan up at the Getty Center today.

These are from the sculpture garden just outside the tram station that you can enjoy while you wait to meet friends.

Jordan and a guy who was showing him how you can make music on a travertine wall.

The rebar trees were in particularly beautiful shape.

Thanks guys, it was fun!

October 8

Sharon and I made another stab at walking on the track at Pepperdine but once again it was not to be. We might have to take the Pepperdine Track off our regular rotation.

So we went to the Bluffs Park again and it was, again, lovely.

hair cut Tony
October 7

Another chapter in the ongoing saga of My Hair.

As we all know I do this for myself so I can remember things and as a reference when I need a look so please roll on by.

So this was two times ago and except that the neck part is too straight across and that the wedge doesn't really work all the way down, I thought it was ok.

hair cut Tony
This is the last time, two days ago, and it's really not good. Not good at all and too short to fix. Oh well, hair grows. I think it's mostly those Princess Leah buns around my ears that are really doing me in.

I might have to get another cutter and that's nothing but trouble.

October 6

Lill and I had a great photo-op today at Rubel Castle in Glendora. A castle in Glendora? Surrounded by tracts of ranch-style homes? Yes.

Built by a very eccentric young man who in the course of the construction, from 1959-1986, became very very eccentric and surprisingly rich.

The sign says Rubelia, the name of the castle.

Our guide Richard of the Glendora Historical Society, full of enthusiasm and stories of his friend and the force behind this project, Michael Clarke Rubel (April 16, 1940 – October 15, 2007).

I was wondering what we were going to do for two hours and it turned out we were going to stand around with our jaws hanging slack and our little eyes spinning from All This Stuff.

According to the guide, there were at least 1,000 people who participated in building this place, hauling over discarded items - farm equipment from so many orange groves abandoned for subdivisions, a train car, water towers, and things things things.

There are several apartments available too, originally built by Michael so his friends would have a place to stay, that the Historical Society rents out to help defray costs.

There's one thing for sure..

..you have to see it to believe it.

This guy is huge. The guide said they once had 1-2 hundred chickens but now there are only a few left.

Michael and all his helpers built these places over many years collecting river rocks, railroad ties, and metal beams from freeway construction.

These five story towers built without plans or permits have survived many earthquakes without a crack.

Cemented into the walls we find, Things, so many Things.

When Michael was beginning this project he lived here. The ladder leads to a small sleeping loft and that was it.

A million dollar clock donated by a friend of Michael's mother, the only stipulation being that his mother never know.

You do get a bit of a Peter Pan feeling, of a guy who has no intention of giving up his childhood dream of building his own castle and playing with his friends.


The front patio of one of the apartments.

I am going to mention the layers of dust, spider webs, and various other evidence of a basically open-air construction, including cars kicking up dust from the dirt roads, that cannot be cleaned even if anyone was inclined to do so.

There's so much more in here that you can't see in the picture. Three organs, a piano, a big yellow truck, several rooms full of collections, big sitting areas, and the gift shop is here too.

That's our guy, Michael Rubel and a collection of audio controllers. It does seem that in most cases like things are with like and it gives quite an impression.

Another rental.

You can visit too, but you need a reservation and the days are limited so check it out if you're feeling it for a Glendora surprise.

On the way home, steel and glass in the distance, quite the contracts with Rubel Castle.

October 4-5

In the last couple of days: breakfast w/Windy, lunch w/Darryl, some modest housekeeping, a haircut, and a long trip to a real store.

I had a list of maybe 15 unrelated items - shampoo, dish towels, slippers, etc. - oddball stuff and BB&B might have them all. I would have just sat at my computer and ordered everything from amazon but I decided to test the concept of a store.

It went ok. Of course I picked up a few things that weren't on the list and they didn't have everything. So, ok. Better than amazon? I don't think so, not for me anyway. I don't think I want all the stores to go away either.

But then (horror of horrors) I've gotten used to not having book stores. I know, yikes, philistine. It's because I really Really like the alternative, which is a story for another day.

October 3

Coming up the stairs and around the corner, my first view of Oliver. What in the world? Upon closer inspection we find that Oliver is snuggled into his unicorn costume. An Olicorn it is.

October 2

I went with Muriel for a little stroll and oh yummy oh yummy, a sushi lunch.


I think it's time to dust my house.

October 1

Nancy and I met at the Landmark today, in the now entirely closed except for the theater Westside Pavilion.

Lenny's, which just a couple of years ago was Junior's, is now closed too. That's the Mormon Temple in the distance and they are def not closed.

We saw the Linda Ronstadt movie and we both enjoyed it very much, especially all the great music.



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