Santa Monica Life
Home sweet home.

Windy thought Mom would enjoy seeing The Nutcracker this holiday season so I hit the internet and found this real ballet producton right here in Westwood at the Wadsworth. It was great fun.

Alex Lopez Carol Lopez
The Long Beach marina for another most lovely outing with Alex and Carol and some of their friends.

The Kids.

Valley Girls
Happy Holidays to US. Happy Life.

The Whyte Family.

Young love. Well, actually, he's not so young, but you know. He's funny and he cooks and he sings. That and a job will about do it for son-in-law material.

Hey all. Check out the kids in the middle.

Mother and Daughter. Awww.

There seems to be a hand missing in this picture.

Let's go Let's go Line 'em up...

Say cheese.

Becky Brand
Our Beckmeister and Jack.

Santa Monica Life
Here we are, another Palm Tree Spazz Attack...

Santa Monica Life

Santa Monica Life
OK OK, the end of palm trees - for the moment.

Bill Robets
Bill, Cheryl and Cheryl's brother. HAHAHA. Happy New Year!

Les Perelman Darryl Angela
Les, Elizabeth and David here for their annual outing to Disneyland. Dins at Nomu. Darryl noted on his watch that it was at the 6th second of greeting that Les allowed 'I remember you when'. But I warned them...

Darryl Angela self-portrait
LACMA at the Buddhist Meditative Arts exhibit. Cynth took the pic. You don't have to mention it. I know. Too cute.


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